Picture postcards from Sceaux

Your postcards today come from Sceaux, France.
Sceaux is a city in the Southern suburbs of Paris. It is famous for a beautiful park. called “Parc de Sceaux”.


Le château


This picture was taken before sunset. I was able to edit to heighten the contrasts( by using partial black and white).

The following poem is my offering to you. I thank Sri Chinmoy for his inspiration:

The rising sun

The rising sun
Blesses my mind
With joy.

The setting sun
Blesses my heart
With peace.

Sending  love and  many good vibes to my friends.

I am flowering

Dear friends,

This one is for you:


The homegrown beauty( 2013). 

When the flower blooms, the bees come uninvited.


I am happy to share a moment with you. All is well. I am busy, active and happy. My Japanese course is continuing until mid-December and I have something lovely to share. I now have a PT job until April 2014. I teach two classes of conversation English.

Life is cool :).

I hope that everyone that I know through this blog is happy and well. Keep up the positive energy and be well.


P.S. I plan to do a photography class in the coming months.I am looking for a class!

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4 years ago, this blog was born

Dear friends,

I had not intended to do a post today. I came to wordpress this morning for one thing and I dropped everything smiling…

it is Photodreamin’s Forth Blog anniversary! A very beautiful chance to put into motion what is called ” the attitude of gratitude”.

I am very grateful for this blog, the friends who I met and the chances to photograph and share my favorite moments with you all.

Thanks to many people who came in the past, in the present and  to the future friends. There are also a few old friends who have traveled my path since 2009.

I will confess that I have not taken a single photo in weeks. Though,Photography is still in my brain and I will return with joy behind the Nikon. I am enjoying doing other things…. I think that I needed to open the door to new experiences.

My brain  has been concentrating on such  matters as telling time in Japanese or meeting new friends. I have been getting out and enjoying it.

I am celebrating my 4 years of blogging by giving you the gift of a poem. It is a poem that celebrates active changes. Of finally taking time for oneself and in the process, creating a new life one day at a time.


It is your turn now


It is your turn now,


you waited, you were patient.


The time has come,


for us to polish you.


We will transform your inner pearl


into a house of fire.


You’re a gold mine.


Did you know that,


hidden in the dirt of the earth?


It is your turn now,


to be placed in fire.


Let us  cremate your  impurities.

- Rumi .

Enjoy your days and be happy.



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Arigato / Thank you

Hello friends,

Thank you for taking the time to come and read my blog. Especially since I have been out more than in. I am more than sure that you noticed.

I do accept that there are moments like that and it is fine. But, what is new is that life outside computers and blogs has reduced my online activity.  At the present moment, I go and read/ comment friend’s blogs more than I take care of mine.

Life is pushing me on to new paths .

I am striking out in new ways, doing different types of activities and meeting some people of of different ages and backgrounds. Back into the flow of direct life…

I have started a language class in mid-September. I had for the past years been wanting to return to the Japanese language. This is a return to half of my roots because I am a daughter of a Japanese born Mom. I have heard Japanese almost everyday of my youth and until I left home. But, I  left it for French in high school.

Now, I am starting over in Japanese… Hai !! ( Yes, in Japanese).

And as of this past September, it is now started.  I will be doing this until before the Xmas holidays. I just gave myself a short three-month course to begin.  A three-month period is already pretty good. Especially since it has since ages since I was in a classroom.

I have just put Photography “on hold”, as I paid for my text-book yesterday.  Now that we have a book, I will be cracking the book and learning it very well, both oral & written Japanese.

I have a few ideas for Photography after my class… I still have places around Paris that I would love to see. And,  practice more techniques….I think that we never stop learning throughout life.

I am not abandoning Photography. I am just allowing other activities to be the priority for a time.

So, a sincere Thank you to all who follow, read and or comment on this blog. You are always welcome here.

To seal  the pact with Japan, I am putting again the previously published photo of this beautiful lady who we saw at the 2013 Paris tourist  fair:


Hoping to see you.



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