The Hawaiian mission houses historical site

I visited for the first time the Hawaiian mission houses in downtown Honolulu.

This fascinating museum takes you back to the 19th century. These are original houses of the New England missionaries who settled in Hawaii. I have no photos of the interior because we are not allowed to photograph the interior. Daily life is recreated through artifacts and exhibits of life in Hawaii in the early 1800s.

This is my  black and white gallery of the exterior of the Mission houses:


The Mission house (1821). This is the old existing house in Hawaii.





A real New England chimney in paradise.

Behind the kitchen. The bump is the beehive oven.

The printing-house.


Commemorating the first printed book.

You can browse the website of the Hawaiian mission houses to learn more.

Beach people

I am just riding the wave of good vibes and smiles…

Red warning flag and young surfers. Waikiki beach.

A young boy climbing on the sea rocks, Waikiki beach.

A smiling bodyboarder, Waikiki beach.

Hawaiian sunrise

This was a beautiful way to start to my day while I was on Oah’u. I did a sunrise tour with Oahu photography tours.

I highly recommend this tour to any fellow photo fans who are Hawaii bound. You will spend a fun half-day or day in superb locations on Oahu. The guides are fun, helpful ( you will pick up a few tips) and professional.

Below is my favorite sunrise shot:

Wishing you lots of sunshine today!

Red brick buildings in Honolulu

These red brick buildings (and a cathedral) are in the vicinity of the the financial district of Honolulu.

The old brewery building on Queen street.



I loved composing with the windows and the chunky door of the brewery.


Old and new. A very old building near a modern building. Fort street area.


Our lady of Peace cathedral. Fort street area.


Another red brick building near skyscraper neighbors. Near Queen street.

The wild ones

This is a body boarding and a Photography paradise…

I was on Waikiki pier ( on Queen’s beach) looking over the water games. This is  my favorite photography spot on Waikiki beach.

Just click on the images and enjoy the color and movement of  a few seconds of life on the Pacific ocean…


Life is a beach


On the “secret beach” on the road to Makapu’u, Oah’u,


Do I see people on the other side of my computer screen? (I am going to clean my screen, just in case).
I think that I see someone…

Hello, world!!

I have been out of this blog home since January. I have been out and about on my own life journeys. I worked and I took care of personal matters at home.

I recently took the long journey from Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport to Honolulu. I went away for a month to spend time with my elderly Mom and my family. In between visits to see Mom, I got out in the sun to photograph Honolulu.

It was a trip full of very deep emotions.I dealt with some of life’s heavy questions of family and aging parents. I also took some days off. Just for me.

I went out and touched life, like the sea touches the sand…

I walked on beaches, and saw beautiful people from around the world enjoying themselves .

I also met a few kind souls along the way.

My Nikon did the 9,000 mile trip with me. It was a comfort to have my black box. I even went on a photo tour! That will be a story for another time.

Enjoy your days and happy weekend to all.