It’s just a cat’s life

I crossed paths with three very different cats during my latest travels. It is always a pleasure to make new cat friends. I like cats a lot. They remind me of many good “human” qualities, including the importance of careful observation and independence.

Here are a few fine specimens that I met in Hawaii and California. I have put a very “cat worthy” quotes.

Curiosity is shown by Ricky ( my cousin Peg’s rag doll who lives in San Diego).



Silence is illustrated by Newby ( a visitor to my guest house in Hawaii).


Finally, rest is represented by Mao, the official Hawaii guest house cat




Have a purr-fect day.

Weekly photo challenge: Creepy

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

You never know what may be going on behind those utensils…
Lace and dumplings
or arsenic and old lace???


A shot of a restaurant kitchen in Colmar, France. My husband and I went to the Christmas fair in this city.

Taken with a 147 mm focal length, f/ 5.6 and 1/15 s.

I like its creepy quality… :)

My return

Who’s that girl?? A Waimanalo beach girl.


How are you all, WP friends? It has been a VERY long time… Those who were familiar with my blog know that i have had a lot  going on… Life happens.

To put it in another way, “shit happens”… We all know that one.

I have been intensely involved in many things that don’t even vaguely come under the category of travel and photography.

I re-entered the work force in in 2013. I also had to face issues in my marital relationship. Finally, this year, my Mother’s health got worse. I lost my dear Mom  on May 30, 2015. I  flew over to Hawaii (48 hours after my Mom’s passing).

While I spun, thought,reacted and moved my life,my Nikon often sat in a corner at home. I lost a lot of my creative juices. I did pick up a “good deed” job. Since this year, I am a curator at my favorite photo website.  I am like the welcome wagon…I welcome newbies, look at their photos and give awards. Cool! I make smiles and I smile in return doing it !!

I almost did not take the Nikon to Hawaii in June ( that’s a first for me). But, my husband is a kind person and said ” what are you going to do over in Hawaii to keep busy? Take it!( i.e, the camera)”. That statement was something almost “prophetic’… I had a 17 day wait until I could even bury my Mom. (she was buried in a Veteran”s cemetery; the.burial date had to be scheduled by Veteran’s administration)

Nikon was there on the island with me. I thank my husband for that good piece of advice.

I have been on an inner spiritual and psychological path since at least the past five years. But circumstances, age and timing made me now go more deeply  I know that I have the rest of my life will be to evolve higher and live happier. It starts each day.

By the grace of the God/Universe, close friends, my cousins and yes, myself, I am getting on my better path.

I have had days when I logged into WP. You did not know and I didn’t know how to break the ice  to any of you. I just stared at the white page and the cursor…

I am going to leave you with a few photos. I like to photograph the sea when I go back to HI. I am hoping to be back in the WP flow as I get on with my healing. Same goes for Photography

I am saying Hi to old friends and I welcome to new friends. Hoping to  fly your friendly skies with  you in the near future.

Flying over the Hawaiian islands towards  San Diego.

Go ahead… put your footy prints on the beach, too!

Write comments, please, and have a special day ( because each day is really a special day).


The Hawaiian mission houses historical site

I visited for the first time the Hawaiian mission houses in downtown Honolulu.

This fascinating museum takes you back to the 19th century. These are original houses of the New England missionaries who settled in Hawaii. I have no photos of the interior because we are not allowed to photograph the interior. Daily life is recreated through artifacts and exhibits of life in Hawaii in the early 1800s.

This is my  black and white gallery of the exterior of the Mission houses:


The Mission house (1821). This is the old existing house in Hawaii.





A real New England chimney in paradise.

Behind the kitchen. The bump is the beehive oven.

The printing-house.


Commemorating the first printed book.

You can browse the website of the Hawaiian mission houses to learn more.

Hawaiian sunrise

This was a beautiful way to start to my day while I was on Oah’u. I did a sunrise tour with Oahu photography tours.

I highly recommend this tour to any fellow photo fans who are Hawaii bound. You will spend a fun half-day or day in superb locations on Oahu. The guides are fun, helpful ( you will pick up a few tips) and professional.

Below is my favorite sunrise shot:

Wishing you lots of sunshine today!