2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Dear readers friends and bloggers, A very happy new year! Wishing you all a healthy and fulfilled year 2016! Put your best foot forward and ” just do it”…  Thank you,thank you for supporting my return to blogging and photography. I will… Continue reading 2015 in review

Weekly photo challenge- Transition

This week’s weekly photo challenge is about Transition. I am doing my transition out of a spare room. This room is helping me to cope in a complicated marital situation. It has helped me to put some space between my husband and I. Between the white walls of this room, I sleep, relax, read and… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge- Transition

Cee’s black and white photo challenge- anything that flies

Hello everyone, I am jumping back into Cee’s black&white photo challenge. It’s always lots of fun to participate and to share. The theme of “anything that flies” made me think of the funny plane that I saw this year at saw at Lindberg field, San Diego. I was just sitting in a PDX (Portland) bound… Continue reading Cee’s black and white photo challenge- anything that flies

Weekly photo challenge- Trio

Happy Thanksgiving! This is my entry for this week’s theme, “trio” at the  WP Weekly photo challenge. It has been a cold and rainy week in Paris. Yes indeed, it would be nice to be on the beach at Waikiki right now… But until modern technology invents a “beam me up, Scotty” machine for each… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge- Trio

Paris photo fair- November 2015

I love to attend the annual photo fair each November. If you love Photography and photos, it’s like a candy shop… Delish… I brought out some photos taken in the fair… I noted the interest in drones and active cameras (eg G-o-Pro). I am using the tiled mosaic… Looking good! I got to play with… Continue reading Paris photo fair- November 2015

I will survive it all- thoughts by an US citizen in France

On November 13, 2015, Paris, my big neighbor and old friend, was brutally attacked. As many of my French neighbors and friends, I have been shocked and overwhelmed by the horror of it all. I have never blogged about current events or politics on this blog. I am an artist with a black box. But,… Continue reading I will survive it all- thoughts by an US citizen in France

You are more prosperous than you think!

Here’s some food for thought today: “Begin to recognize prosperity everywhere and rejoyce in it”. Louise L. Hay. This is a photo that I took in my garden a few summers back. I love putting quotes on photos. The bee is enjoying the its new-found prosperity in a Hibiscus flower! I used to equate prosperity… Continue reading You are more prosperous than you think!