My inaugural flight

Sunset over the Pacific ocean as seen from a Boeing… just one of the great moments from my travels.


Hi everyone,

My name is Barb. I’m a US expat who lives near Paris. I’m living my “second blog life” as I end one blog and begin a new one.

This new creation is all about my travels with my husband, ( I will call him D), as documented on our Nikon D 50. Since we have gone digital in 2005, we have been taking pictures everywhere we go.So far, our black box friend has taken us through the USA,Canada and different regions of France.

We have some great moments captured on past trips, and will be sharing some of the best with you. We might even drag out a few of the better scanned paper pictures, and also show a few of these.Because I’m like you all; I too have my stock of paper photos at home

I’m also looking forward to sharing future trip photos also. Because when you love to travel, you are always thinking where to go to next !

A very special message to my old bloggie friends:

“Thanks so much for making it over. Your continued friendship and support mean everything to me. Stay in touch with me ! “

22 thoughts on “My inaugural flight

  1. What a beautiful photo!

    Welcome to your new place in the blogosphere and congratulations on setting up the new travel/photo dreaming site — love the name!

    I look forward to your fantastic photos and memories and am so glad to have found you online again.

    Cheers to you, Barb!

  2. Barb, here I am! I’m so glad you’ve found a venue to express yourself. The first picture is lovely, can’t wait to see more.

    Thanks for staying in touch. :)))

  3. Hi Barbara. What a very smart blog you have here, and that phot is simply stunning! Thanks for letting me know about your move, and the best of luck with your new venture.

  4. BRAVA Barbara!

    Congratulations on your inaugural post! I’m so glad you decided to go with WordPress…you’re going to LOVE it here!

    I’ve already added you to my reader, so I’ll be kept abreast of your upcoming posts.

    Looking forward to reading more!

    X ya my friend!

    {{{{{{ Barb }}}}}

  5. Hi guys,

    I’m off & running…

    Carolyn- So nice to see you ! Thank you for your encouragement, and I’m looking forward to having you here soon.We appreciate the same things, so you will love this ! My best to Clive !
    Deb- Hey wahine ! Howzit 😉 I’m doing OK and looking ahead to lots of wonderful things. Glad that you are on board. Take care XXX

    Dragonstar – Long time no see my dear ! I’m glad that you are on board too! This will be a natural for you and I hope that you will enjoy it. I hope that life is well and you are doing fine. Thanks for your kind words x

    Lucia- Thank you !! You see I stayed positive and I feel like it will be fun. Cheers 🙂

  6. 3 more comments that I didn’t approuve … I’m learning the ropes 😉

    Dédene- Hi there; NO you are not an idiot;but yes, that was a GOOD question; how to subscribe to a RSS. I did the nescessary and you can see below the RSS feed. Go for it. I’m going to be learning too as I go along so wish me luck.
    A bientôt !

    Ron- Hey there buddy ! I made it and it is satisying to have opened the door. OK; it’s all new but I’m enjoying that and it’s stimulating to have new stuff. As I go on, there will be some pics that all my old friends haven’t seen before. And think of the future !!

    i’m glad that you are excited with me 🙂
    Big hugs to ya XXXXXX

  7. Bonjour Anne,

    Thank you my dear; it is just that, having faith and believing in oneself… even if I will be learning and making mistakes along the way ! I’m so glad that we can encourage and nudge each other along .
    Take care and come back soon xxoo

  8. Hi Barbara – Great to see you Up & At it again. Wonderful, in fact….so welcome to your new blog and all those photos of places you’ve seen and thanks for including me too! You’ve taken off in style with that beautiful sunset and skyscape – the world is your oyster, the space is limitless – go for it!!

    Lots of hugs,

    Joyce xx

  9. Wow what a big difference in “look” from the old blog. It ‘s got more class to it!

    Looking forward to more travel photos….can you imagine if my father knew how to blog? It would be a hoot to have him navigating through the blogosphere!

  10. Hello ladies-

    Joyce- Welcome on board. I’m doing fine and yes, I’m gaining altitude. It is going to do me good to have this new blog. You are so welcome ;how could I forget you. It did me so much good talking to you. The sunset was rather symbolic for me at that, but so lovely.It’s not sad at all but warm and OPTIMISTIC !

    Yes, the world is an oyster and there are such beautiful things on the table !

    Hugs xx

    Ro- Howzit !
    I agree that Word press designs do rock ! I had a hard time deciding… Blogger should put some fresh air in their templates.
    Hang on there; I expect to be publishing on Monday .

    I’m going to have fun and yes, get more creative !!

    Aloha !

  11. Salut Maylis,

    i’m glad to have you here Oui, il y a du changement dans l’air et ça fait du bien ! Tu vas aimer tout ça- des photos de voyage ! A bientôt; et grosses bises. à toi et ta famille.

  12. Hi Barbara!

    I just read your email this afternoon and I’m very happy to witness the birth of this new blog of yours! I LOVE the picture— as I just love sunrise/sunset pics from up above! Great shot! Looking forward to your new blog! Felicitations!

    Big hugs,

    1. Hi Lees,

      Welcome ! So glad to have you here ! And now that you ( I think) are back from a trip, you will have photos to share too. I’m looking forward to it.
      Now isn’t that a beauty to see a sunset way above in the sky ? Very special; it has only happened to us once and was worth photographing & then sharing !!

      Bises to my travelin’ friend & neighbor xxx

  13. Hi Mardé,

    Welcome ! I’m glad to have you here. You see that changes are in the air and it’s great .
    I love that sunset too; it was one of the rare moments during our past trips when we did witness this. A gift from the sky.

    Hugs XX

  14. Lovely! Did you know that I have never flown across the Pacific Ocean? Every time I went to Asia or to the South Pacific, I flew across Europe and Central Asia. Once day…

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