Date : September 2006
Place, Coronado, San Diego county, USA.

This is a look at Coronado, a beautiful communty that is just 5.2 miles across the center city of San Diego.This is a city of over 24,000 inhabitants. Many vistors who come to enjoy ,sun,sea and fun along the Pacific ocean.

D & I spent an afternoon here in the company of one of my cousins. She suggested Coronado when she heard that we would like to see some of the coastline. She chose one of the best known resort areas around San Diego !

image_2 Cali

A peaceful marina.

image_12 CaliHere is the world famous hotel Del Coronado.
No visit to this city is complete without a look at her, because she’s an institution to herself.

image_9 Cali

This hotel was bult in 1888 and has since become a world class resort, with it’s beautiful location on the beach which is known as the “Silver strand”.

image_8 Cali

image_14 Cali

A view of downtown.

image_13 Cali

A solitary moment between the rocks and the sand….

image_6 Cali

Walking along the beach towards the hotels…

image_4 Cali

We found the residential section and let ourselves wander and admire some beautiful homes… Like this Southern inspired white house… Complete with white picket fence.

image_3 cali

Or this cute grey house…

image_ 11 Cali

Isn’t this SO American suburban ?
Well manicured lawns & shrubs and with the US flag out flying.


8 thoughts on “Coronado,California

  1. Hi love the photos, thanks for sharing. 🙂 Is that what American Suburbs look like? They look like they belong in a film set..I have seen places like this on TV only..!

    Love the sea and sand photos..makes me dream 🙂 xx

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    It’s amazing, but the hotel looks exactly like the Grand Floridian Hotel in Disneyworld. Same style, same colors, same size, same everything. It’s gorgeous!

    I agree with Anne…the shots of the various homes look like a movie set – they’re perfect!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    I’m LOVIN’ this blog!

    Have a great Monday!


  3. Bonjour les amis- I’m happy to see you here 🙂

    Joyce- San Diego is a wonderful place for future travels. I recommend it ! There’s the sun,surf,shore & relaxed lifestyle. You should try it once. I’m glad to get you California dreamin’ 🙂
    Hugs X

    Anne- Bonjour ! I’m glad to have you forget problems and drab weather and dream of California under the sun.

    Yes, this is a good middle class neighborhood; there are worse and then there are even better ! But , the impeccable lawns and cropped shrubs are typical. I have rarely seen a wild front yard garden in the States ! I can imagine that it looks like a film set for the rest of the world,since the US produces the lion’s share of films & TV series.
    Hugs to you my dear XX00

    Ron- Bonjour Ronaldo 😉
    Well, what do think of sunny Coronado ? Now the Del must be a real model for Disney…I swear that the main entrance at Disneyland Paris also has a similar inspiration ! Well you know Ron how much copying goes on ! Same in fashion & design in general.

    I’m glad that you are enjoying my blog… there’s much more coming 🙂

    xxxxooooo down to Philly 🙂 !!

  4. Found you!

    Sorry it took me so long, for some reason, I couldn’t access the blog at first. I suspect a bug on my side.

    Look at the size of these houses! Wow…

  5. Salut Zhu,

    I’m glad to have you on board !! Now, you understand the PASSION that one can have for travel & photography ! We are on the same wavelenght again !!

    Join us when you can; I’m going to do have fun here!!
    When there’s hope theres life, and we travel lovers are always hoping and planning for future trips to bring back in our black boxes .

    Arent they lovely homes ?? I’m sure that Zhu would have loved one of these !!

    Bises xxx

  6. What great pictures, Barbara! I would say the neighborhood is a bit on the upscale side. As you said, there are less beautiful places, and even more beautiful ones as well. Only in America! Extremes of wealth and poverty! Maybe you should visit Detroit sometime to get another version of America. Here in Maine, we have just about every kind of front lawn from none to golf courses and everything in between. Some feature piles of junk that have been just been accumulated over the years. Others are neat as a pin.

  7. Hi Mardé,

    Thanks so very much !
    Yes, this is upscale I guess living away for such a long time, and D not having known these types of homes in France, we are quite attracted to this.
    My background is middle class so I grew up seeing green grass, Japanese gardens,shrubs and the works, in the neighborhoods.

    America is a hodgepodge of everything, rich and poor,beautiful and ugly. I think that your city might be a good example.
    OK; if I’m ever in Detroit,( or anyplace similar) you shall see it here 😉

    Hugs to ya XX

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