La Jolla, California

La Jolla ( pronounced ” la-hoy-ya”) is a Spanish word meaning “jewel”, which it really is.This community of over 42,000 inhabitants is located just 12 miles from downtown San Diego.

What interested us once more was the shoreline. My husband loves the sea very much, and often photographs beachs wheneever we are near the ocean. La Jolla is well worth a day trip or even a longer stay for anyone visiting San Diego.

With it’s cliffs and rocky shoreline along the Pacific ocean, it’s a very authentic place.

I’m irriated this morning, because some of our best Vertical shots of the the shoreline could not be rotated. I’m going to have to do them another time because they are real beauties… and it isn’t nice having everyone risk a getting a krick in the neck just to look at them !!

In the meanwhile, imagine being here on a sunny day :

The city is here ;


image_14a Cali

I could sit and contemplate this type of scene for long moments. These are zen moments when stress and worries don’t exist.

image_19 Cali

image_17 Cali

There is some white sand beach down there, and sunbathers too.

image_5 cali

A nice circular pattern between seawalls and water.

image_13a Cali

A friendly little beach front home.I could imagine myself downing a beer & enjoying the sunset on the deck.

image_20 Cali

A funny man that was making “he man” poses each time the waves crashed behind him !
One more shot for the guys at work…

Happy weekend to all !


10 thoughts on “La Jolla, California

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    OMG…every single one of these looks like a picture postcard!

    Especially loved that first one of the water hitting the sea rocks. You’re right…very ZEN!

    California looks heavenly!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!


  2. Bonjour Barbara

    Loving your ZEN photos..oh we could do with this week, could’nt we 🙂

    Looks a fantastic place..I love the sea too, but living in the middle of the UK, takes a few hours to get there 😦

    Have a great weekend , love to you and Didier x

  3. Hi there !

    Ron- Hey there buddy ! What a compliment for D., the picture post card taker ! Thank you honey.
    Now, you see how freaking gorgeous the one is with the rocks? I had 2 more like this, of the vertical type and they can’t download correctly ! Mama mia… But, I won’t give up !

    Thanks for being here my friend XXXX0000 all the way to Love city !

    Anne- Bonjour chérie ! How are you ? Now you see why I downloaded all this, because it is so different than what you would see in Europe. Radically ! Yes, a long ways going but I believe that someone coming from so far as the UK can see the sights well once and come back very happy.
    I’m so glad that you enjoyed these.

    Big hugs XXXX0000

  4. Hi Dragonstar,

    It’s nice to see you ! I’m glad to share these places. That way, all my firends can experience a bit of our travels.
    Keep in touch; photographers always form a friendly ” click” ( hehe) and its’s good to enjoy each other’s work.

    Cheers 🙂

  5. Good morning friends-

    Leesa- I knew that you would love this. I love these types of coast lines. they bring out something profound inside us. But, I love the white sandy ones too. And I have other pics like that !!
    I hope to see you soon my friend.
    Zhu- Salut. Yes, there’s a ruggedness here that is like Brittany indeed. I’ve never been to Chile but I’ll believe you seeing the rocky outline on the world map. There is beauty everywhere in the world if we look 🙂
    Grosses bises xx

  6. never went here – but will next time for sure! those cliffs and coves are amazing. love that dude in the last picture. . .a great reminder to HAVE FUN – which i need to do more!

    we did get to see coronado island before though – what a lovely spot that is.

  7. Aloha Deb 🙂

    Nice to have you here, wahine.
    Doesn’t La Jolla have something Hawaiian with that rocky shoreline? It really does. I remember going a few times when I was young along the Waiane coast, & it’s like this too. Very rocky and the swells are incredible.

    Stay zen and yes, have fun too ! We all need to have fun and laughter.

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