La Jolla, California II

It’s a sweet victory indeed…. here are those vertical shots that I had been wanting to post, and couldn’t. And this time, they are right side UP !!

Just enjoy :

I asked my good friend, Zhu for some tips  (Merci chérie ! ), and she suggested using 1) HTML tables, 2) Plugins. I did searches for each and came up feeling like a dinosaur ! I’m unable  to do either !! And the dinosaur starts to feel frustrated and it usually ends there…

Thanks for your help my dear Zhu X ! Pardonne-moi, je suis nul en programmation !!

What had my photos vertical again came from a WP forum question that you can read here

Since I know ZILCH, I need easy hands on tips like this.

My word of advice to  other new WP bloggers :

If you download your vertical pic and rotate it on WP before placing it on your draft, and it’s STILL lying on it’s side in the thumnail, then it IS going to be published like that.

Avoid yourself the frustration by not downloading it again on your post- It WON’T become vertical !!

What did I do ??

I have a Picassa account,so I downloded my pics there and rotated them ( yes, even if they looked vertical on Picassa). I copied them and put them on my usual computer folder where I keep my blog pics.
Then, I downloaded as usual via WP… and voilà .

It is “roundabout” but darn, it worked !

See you guys next Monday with NEW travel pics of a French city named Amiens. D&I will be visiting a friend there Friday. Then, the tour of Cali will resume after this French stopover.

Bye for now !

9 thoughts on “La Jolla, California II

  1. I enjoy seeing shots of the CA coast – it frequently reminds me of the coast in Cornwall, which is beautiful and rugged, with amazing beaches – and it’s even warm enough for palm trees! Also there’s a lot of surfing around this coastline, so maybe it’s a case of California/Cornish dreamin’?!

    Off to Amiens sounds like fun. I’ll be there in January! Say hi to that beautiful cathedral & to one particular restaurant along by the Somme – La Capitainerie – where we’ve enjoyed several happy family meals! Looking forward to your pics of Amiens!

    Joyce :-))

  2. Bonjour Joyce,

    Aren’t these great ytpes of pics for projesting oneself out of the grey of autumn?
    I love these types of rugged coastline’s too with nature carving all the rocks and coves.
    I have never been to Cornwell, but the idea of going there makes me dream too. As region of UK is heavily Celtic in influence, and I’m very much into Celtic places and their heritage.

    I’m glad to get you California & Cornwall dreamin ! We all need to dream a bit at times.

    Hugs to you xx

  3. Sorry I couldn’t help more!

    I think I understand the problem now. It is definitely related to the build-in WP editor, which I don’t use (I have Photoshop).

    HTML are basically used to showcase let’s say two pictures side by side, so that they wouldn’t move. HTML is a code you can obtain from various sources, no need to code. If you are interested, I’ll give you mine.

    Forget about what I said about plugins, you are on and these are not available. Which doesn’t matter much actually!

    Nice pictures — I’m glad you got them to display properly. The vertical adds to the depth and the beauty of this beach!

  4. Wow, what beautiful photos! I must put San Diego on my list of places to see.

    I’ll be interested to see your pictures of Amiens and hear your impressions of Picardie! That’s my territory! I thought Amiens was very charming. It was the first city I visited when I arrived in France two years ago. Hope you understand the accent….

  5. Hi friends,

    Leesa- I love this area too ! I just was there once and was enchanted. Oh lucky you to have been able to walk many a time here.
    Hugs XX

    Zhu- Salut ! No problem for the tips. I guess I’m lucky that I’m stubborn, and have to make whatever it is work ! It’s not always easy in publishing but thank God that there are lots of geeks around 🙂
    i love these shots and now you know why I had to include them. A total dream…

    Bises xx

  6. All of the photos of California are breathtaking! There is a little part of me that’s always wished I was a west coast native.. ah well. I still love New England.

    The frustrations you’ve described with the coding and stuff with your new blog is exactly why I gave up on my WordPress blog and switched over to the more simple Blogger! These WordPress blogs sure are a lot prettier, though! Keep on plugging away, though! Maybe you’ll become an expert with all of this! 🙂

  7. Hi Kate,

    I’m still learning the ropes and I have to get used to approuving new commenters . Welcome; you are welcome anytime over here. Hoping that you enjoy the trips.

    Come on… we are all feeling like we were we were native Californians… oops, I happen to be by birth, but have lived there just a very short time.

    I’m learning the quirks of WP, but I’m sure that I’ll be fine. Just don’t make it too Geeky and I’ll be fine. I love the graphics too; blogger needs to revamp it’s templates seriously !!
    Hugs to you over in New England XX

  8. Hi Mira,

    OK, I found your comment hehe; change is not always easy to master 🙂

    How are you doing ? Good I hope. I swear; since we were in Amiens ( where we did have some “pluie”) and today, the temps have dropped. And those pics along la Somme do me a lot of good.Nous avons eu juste un peu de chance pour le temps à Amiens… mais pas trop).

    I loved the hortillonages…

    And a world away is San Diego & L Jolla which are MUSTS to see. I’m lucky; I have a whole clan of cousins all over SD county. It really is a great place to visit. Ask Leesa !!

    I hope to see you soon. Take care .

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