What’s up pussycat ??

I’m leaving my friends with this pic of a friendly grey kitten that we met in Amiens.A real “party cat”, who just wanted to play and frolic with us ! Travel indeed makes you cross paths with some fascinating creatures…

I’m still choosing and editing my pictures,to show you some of what we saw last Friday. I’m getting there,I promise !!

Special Thank yous are in order :

Des remerciements très chaleureux à Céline, pour son hospitalité et ses excellents commentaires sur sa bonne ville d’Amiens. Nous avons vraiment apprécié le temps passé avec toi.Bisous xx

Go and see Céline’s blog HERE if you don’t yet know her ;it’s en Français/ in French, but she shares many pictures, esp of her travels.

See everyone very soon for more !


6 thoughts on “What’s up pussycat ??


    So typical of a cat, isn’t it?

    As you know I just love kitties, so this one made me squeal!!!

    What a cute face!!!

    Che faccia bella!


    Thanks for sharing a feline moment – I so enjoyed it!

    Have a great day!


  2. Hi friends !

    Anne- Now how could we NOT resist taking this cute kitty ?
    Call it ” couleur locale !!” . A purrrfect model too.

    See you soon and see your pics also !

    Ronnie- Hello dude ! Now, this makes you want to just reach out and grab that kitty ! I wanted to pet this fellow/ girlie but I was afraid that the kitty would fall off the ledge. The poor kitty was outside and no one was letting him/her in !!

    Grazie mille, Ronaldo !
    That was by myself; I ‘m trying !
    It’s always a treat to have you over. Take care; the temps are starting to drop here; and in Philly are you starting to freeze yet ??

    Warm xxxooo to ya !

  3. Hi Zhu,

    I found the cat looking DOWN on me more interesting than I looking UP at me !
    It shows the depths of his curiosity.

    I’m experimenting and learning as I go along 🙂

  4. Hello friends !
    Pour moi aussi ce fut un délicieux moment en votre compagnie ! Cela m’a permis de découvrir ma ville sous un autre angle !
    A très bientôt pour la suite de la visite.

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