Boats on the Somme river

Our friend, Céline showed us a special spot within the city limits.

This is the garden area or “hortillonnages” ( or-tea-on-aah-jeh), which since centuries was an area where gardeners grow vegetables along the Somme river.Although gardening still exists today, this activity has gone down.But, veggies produced along the Somme river still find their places in the local markets.

Many of the homes along the Somme ( a few of which I shall show you) are today, vacation homes. The paths around the gardens are wonderful for walks,jogging, biking and hobby fishermen.

In November, the tourist season for visiting the hortillonnages on a boat is over. So, we  settled for a a very nice walk on the foot path .

Here’s a look a few of the boats that we saw :

A nice view of what is called a “péniche”,( which can be translated as “houseboat”) . And behind, you can see  the cathedral.

A rowboat next to one of the many bridges.Where do they go and why is there a door in the middle ??
You shall see next time…

The traditional boat that the gardeners use on the Somme. This one is just for decoration, in front of someone’s home.

A “barque à cornet”, the traditonal name for these craft, and this one is a young 80 years of age !


8 thoughts on “Boats on the Somme river

  1. Hi Barbara….fantastic photos the boats and the little bridges.

    I have more photos …today we went Basel (Bale) for our last trip out..flying home later at 19.00 hrs Mercredi nuit..(soir)…..

    Hugs to you

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    As usual…lovely photos you share with us!

    These reminded me of my time spent living in Amsterdam, with all the canals running through the city.

    You have me curious about the doors in the middle of the bridges!?

    Until next time….

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    Love to you and Didier!

  3. Count me as another one curious about the doors in the middle. For some reason I was suddenly reminded of the film Chocolate with Depp and Binoche. Loved the boat scenes in that movie!

  4. Hi Guys,
    Happy Thanksgiving to all Yanks !

    Anne- Hello there ! Once again, travelers meet ! I’m looking forward to your pictures of your recnt trip.I’m glad that you enjoyed this watery interlude; more is coming.
    Take care & à bientôt !

    Ron- Hi guy,
    You are right, those are canals that run around the garden area. Once again, another culture that has used to channel water for it’s farming & irrigation needs.
    As for the doors… Tomorrow. I’m giving you that post after Thanksgiving. I have some baking to do today.

    Love to ya in Philly ! xxoo

    Ro- Nice to see you here.
    Humm… I’m not a huge “cinéphile/ cinema buff, but I did see Chocolate on cable. It was delicious :)*°°
    The doors in the middle ? You shall see tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all X

  5. Hi Barbara,

    I wondered if your might go to the hortillonnages – they are so scenic and peaceful with wonderful views of the cathedral glimpsed along the way. We took a trip around them in one of the boats, during the summer, and it was very peaceful and restful as well as interesting – and all so close to the city centre too.

    You big blow up shot is good. And I was surprised to see so many flowers still in bloom in the other photos – more like early rather than late autumn.

    Sounds and looks like it was a good trip – bon retour?

    Joyce x

  6. Bonjour Joyce,

    I was sure that you know this area ! It is the winning combination for a delightful outing in Amiens. We were too late to take the tour on the waterways, but the foot path is equally enjoyable.

    I love the calmness of the large shot; that’s why I blew it up. It’s a zen moment !
    Yes, we have had a warmer Autumn this year so whatever flowers that are still around, lasted a long time this year.It was the same in our garden.

    We had a great escapade and would gladly re-do another trip up North ! For one hour’s travel each way, it’s not too far away for us.

    Take care & hello to Barry !

  7. Hi Zhu,

    Now, the dépt 44 is a place that I have NEVER been to. I know neither city nor countryside there ! There’s another place to check on my “to see” list. And there’s more shoreline in this dept for my beach loving hubby too 🙂


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