Gothic moods

( Click on the photo to blow it up completely; the lay out “chops off ” some of it )

This is a personal view of the Cathédrale d’Amiens.There are so many elements up there to focus on or not !
This picture was taken at a moment when I tried to focus on a gargoyle.But, I ended up with a slightly “tipsy” view of all the surroundings.But I do like the effect, and the gargoyle in there is now very secondary.

I do feel like this photo when I tour such a monument. I bend my neck a lot and never know what to admire first !

When I did my photo editing, I chose to do it all in black and white. This gives it very antique feeling.

See you tomorrow to peek inside the Cathedral !


6 thoughts on “Gothic moods

  1. Hi Barbara, love the photo, it looks so great in black and white too!! I do a lot of bending to try and get some good shots ha ha

    hugs anne


  2. FLAWLESS photo, Barbara!

    I love the “tipsy view”…it adds to the whole mood of the photo. As does the black and white.

    I truly loved photos in black and white. I think that’s why I enjoy old movies. They’re more dramatic.

    *kinda like me.


    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    Enjoyed this A LOT!


  3. Hi everyone-

    Anne- Thank you; this pic has become of of my favs since I began this blog. I’m always glad to have you around. Hugs XX

    Ron- Hi there my buddy 😉 Grazie mille ! It has been said that b & w photos go eliminate the uneessarary and go straight to the point. Color is exciting, but at times, it distracts.
    i shall try and work b & w as I continue in our travels.
    Throwing big hugs down to Love city XX

    Zhu- Salut . Merci chérie ! My first try at at bw composition and I’m happy. Even the gargoyle is grinning :)We will try more as I gain more confidence behind the lens.

    B- Hi there and always happy to meet a fellow traveler. I shall return and read your blog. Thanks for the encouragement too and see you soon !

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