Riding on “Santa’s airspace “

Since we are rapidly nearing Xmas (and no sight of snow here outside Paris), I was feeeling like seeing snow !
I dug into our photo archives in search of the white stuff.Which is a challenge because my husband & I never go sking or on winter holidays in general.
But, I got lucky.
The following are 2 shots that were snapped “up there” in a Boeing that we were on, headed to LAX, in California. We were in September, but the white stuff was down there. And D made good use of the Nikon to capture these views.

Date : September 2006

I had labeled this shot ” Greenland”, because when we were crossing over. I could see our location on the map that the TV screens to show the passengers where they are flying over.

I had no place name listed for this second picture;it could have still been Greenland or a part of Canada.
It looks so wild and untamed, with the sun rising on the horizon. Just gorgeous.

I’m just remembering this flight… we had the BEST seats that we ever had on a transatlantic crossing; the first row behind the Emergency exit ( he he), with the extra wide leg space !! And there was the window on the door that D regularly peeked into, to spot land.

The pictures of a lifetime, on an incredible trip.We have not had the same chance in our flight seating since this flight.

I shall be showing you a few others next week. It might not sound very exciting looking down on land. BUT… you would be surprised by the beautiful colors and forms that we recorded flying over parts of Canada & the US.
Happy weekend to all !

13 thoughts on “Riding on “Santa’s airspace “

  1. I love these views from on high and when flying can gaze at them quite happily allowing my imagination to see what’s not really there! Cool shots Barbara!

  2. Fabulous views……so surreal looking…but beautiful.

    I haven’t been on a transatlantic flight..oh when I was a child flying to singapore..doesn’t count…

  3. Hello ladies 🙂

    Joyce- I also like gazing down on land & sea like this. Our manmade universe dwarfs down into another perspective, with only sky & clouds. It’s rather spirtual to be up there too .
    I’m glad that you enjoyed the flight XX

    Anne- Hello !! Now, I think that you have to do some serious planning here, and get your hubby to fly you offf to somewhere far away. Even just for once. Back to Singapore or HK or San Francisco.
    I’m amazed at the beauty that is in the sky.
    Hugs XO

  4. YIPEEEEEEEEEEE………..snow!!!!

    Ok…you must know that I’m going BONKERS over these photos!!!

    GORGEOUS shots, Barb!

    Hey, I had the same type seats on my trip to Japan. And thank god too, because it gave me LOTS of leg room to stretch out on a LOOOOOOOOONG trip!

    Thanks for sharing, my Philly friend. Enjoyed!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Hi Ronnie,

    My little voice told me that Ronnie is going to freak out when he sees the snow ! I know how much you love the white stuff !!!
    They are gorgeous if I can say . D and the Nikon really came through 🙂 They blew our minds the first time we saw them on the computer.

    Those seats behind the emergency exit are the BEST !! We had about 11 hours or so to LAX, and our legs were not cramped. The only thing is you have to stow all carry ons, so you don’t block the exit space.

    Have a great weekend and let it snow in Philly !!

  6. Great pics!

    I think it’s going to snow here this coming week… what do you think?! Then, we can really get some snow pics…
    Have a nice weekend…

  7. It certainly does make me think of the North Pole! I always end up on an Atlantic route, but I do crossover the alps whenever flying into London. You make me want to go on a hot air balloon ride for the holidays!

  8. Hi ladies 😉

    Leesa- Yes I heard that we could have snow. More photo ops possible ! But the snow pics above will remain unforgettable for D & I. Just windows on other uncharted worlds that we will never know.

    Ro- Howzit !! It looks like we both do Atlantic crossings ( though I have been suggested that a crossing towards Asia is good too). It was so cool to see that snow down there !
    Even though the planes reguarly cross over these routes, we feel like explorers !

    I have NEVER been in a hot air baloon either ! Not a bad idea at all, if you are bundled up for the cold.

    Happy holiday cooking prep time to you ! Alooooha !!

  9. WOW!! What magnificent photos and I agree about the beauty (even sort of mystical sometimes) of being so high up there and seeing those views.

    This is a great blog Ms. Photo Dreamin 🙂


  10. Hi there friends,

    Carolyn- Hi ! I was glad to hear that you & Clive arrived safely home. It’s time for you both to soak up your Australian sunshine, while we N hemisphere peeps begin winter !

    Thank you; they were views of a lifetime ! It’s a wild and beautiful world down there. I’m glad to have shared them with you all.

    Hugs to you & Clive XX

    Zhu- Salut 🙂 Isn’t it the truth that it should be called Whiteland !! All we saw was snow & rocks.
    There’s not much hope that any of us will be able to fly there. It would probably involve hours of in a sled or snowmobile. Really the “Great North “. If you know the French explorer Nicolas Vannier( he takes his dog sled teams through Russia & other extreme places), it must be like that.

    Bises XX

  11. Beautiful snowy wasteland shots Barb/D! Kind of looks like the our landscape in Maine right now… yes, we have about a foot of snow here. I’ll happily air-express some to Paris! xo

  12. Hi Kate,
    Thank you dear !
    Now isn’t it true that you always miss what the “neighbor” has and you don’t ?
    You all in Maine are well endowed in the snow area- maybe even too much for you.

    In 19 years in France, I have had one “white Christmas”. Maybe one day 😉
    Warm hugs X

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