Icy bits & pieces

Down there, it looks like ice that seperated out onto the ocean. Again, this was going over either Greenland/ E Canada.
Very cool forms made by Mother Nature.


5 thoughts on “Icy bits & pieces

  1. WOW!! What an awesome photo. It’s so true about Mother Nature’s patterns and that mysterious, mystical view from up on high.

    And well done to the photographer(s) for capturing these magical images.

  2. Hi Carolyn-
    Thank you ! It is breathtaking indeed. Dream quality certified.
    I think that we need more authentic scenes during the Xmas holiday. Malls are a “dime a dozen”.
    See you soon.

  3. Hello friends,

    Leesa- Hi there neighbor 😉
    Thank you ! I’m amazed too when I look at these pics. The idea of photographing from a plane and catching such shots is already a blast.
    It’s natural beauty 🙂

    Hugs XXX

    Zhu- Yes, you Canuks know it’s a myth. I’ll have to test that myth if we ever come for a winter vacation in Quebec one of these years 😉 D wants to do a future trip over there in winter !

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