Bye to the Rockies

One last glimpse down at snowy peaks & Rocky mountains, shadowed by a wing of our plane.I’m happy if you enjoyed the aerial views, and hope one day to try to do that again ! My confidence in our Nikon is more than once confirmed.

Thank you all for your kind words to D, who was behind thecamera for all these shots. Merci !!

Check out the post after this one too, to see two other pictures.

Happy holiday shopping & happy weekend to everyone !


9 thoughts on “Bye to the Rockies

  1. Great shots Didier…thanks for sharing them mon amis…very good, reminds me to do my post of when we flew to Switzerland….maybe I will get them ready tonight! Take care hugs Anne xx

  2. Bonjour Barb and Didier!

    Gorgeous arerial shots!

    It almost looks as though I’m viewing the surface of the moon through the window of a space ship!



  3. Good morning friends !

    Anne- Bonjour ! Thank you honey 🙂 Oh yes; post some Switzerland pictures !! I’ve never been there. That’s another place that I would like to see; more for the mountains than for the big cities.
    Happy weekend and cool head with the holiday preps. XXOO

    Ronnie- Hey there buddy ! Thanks for taking a wee bit of time from your busy schedule to come and visit. That’s an interesting comment, that the mountains are like craters on the moon I didn’t think of that 🙂

    Well, I happy to have taken you on my spaceshipe & gotten you back in time for the holidays.

    See you soon & XX back to you my friend.

  4. Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you my dear. D & I were happy to share. I think that there’s more than one way to travel, including through images.

    I’m happy to read your news and see your photo of the cruise ship next to the Sydney Opera house. Stunning; what a view 🙂 It’s quite a world away right now, with our snow and ice in Europe.

    XXOO to you & Clive. Happy holidays and see you again soon.

  5. Hi Barbara,

    Just catching up with you before closing down for the hols. Super aerial shots – love the Rocky Mountain views and that silver strand of a mighty river.

    Have a joyful festive season & warm wishes to you both.

    Joyce xx 🙂

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