The Nativity museum

That domed building church is a place that we visited in Montreal,Canada just this past September.It’s called the Saint Joseph Oratory/ l’Oratoire Saint Joseph.It’s perched on a hill in the Mont Royal area.

Notice the stairs ! Unless you drive up in a car and park further up, you have to walk up.

It’s the one place that we missed in 2007( we came on a brief stopover to Montreal after a visit to the US), It’s such a massive structure, that we could see it lit up as our airplane passed over it on the way out to Paris-CDG.

There would be alone several posts needed just to cover this spot.It is the third largest basilica in the world, founded by Father André Besette in 1901 as a modest chapel. But the reputation of healing the sick increased, and the church enlarged. Finally finished in 1967 as the structure you see today.

One of the highlights of visiting the Oratory is to visit the Musée de la crèche/ Nativity scene museum.In one museum have been reunited hundreds of nativity scenes from around the world.

I highly recommend a visit.It will bring to you the true meaning of Christmas . A marvellous museum to visit, though very tricky to photograph the nativity scenes in their glass boxes.Some of our pictures were ” fuzzy-wuzzy” due to the glass & the lighting.

A few examples of nativity scenes that turned out nicely. Click on the pictures to see more details :

From France.

From Korea

A French-Canadian nativity scene in a painting.


11 thoughts on “The Nativity museum

  1. Hi Barbara, it’s Louise, Anne’s cousin from Montreal. Anne was visiting this week in Montreal and Ste-Joseph’s Oratory was on our list of cathedrals to visit. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  2. Bonjour Anne,

    Iam so glad that you made it to Saint Joseph.The adjectifs that apply here are numerous ! It is quite impressive.

    Hugs to my world traveler xx

  3. Hi Louise,

    Sorry; I didn’t see your comment up there( new commenters have to be approuved first).
    Iam SO pleased to have you here; you are welcome anytime.

    I was so happy to hear that Anne spent time with you and your family. Iam happy for her that she did this trip. :)And Saint Joseph’s Oratory is a place that Anne now knows. terrific. I’am more than sure that it meant a lot to her to see it.

    Have a nice day and I hope to see you again.

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