Happy New Year/ Bonne année !!

(borrowed image)

To all of my friends, my hubby & I wish each of you a wonderful year 2010 !!
With the best of health,
Happiness throughout the year.

Dare to discover the worlds which you dream of.

Big hugs to all

Barb & D


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year/ Bonne année !!

  1. happy New Year to you and Didier too. xx

    Wishing you all the best for Health and Happiness.

    I love the saying Dare to discover the worlds which you dream of…very apt!!

    Love anne and Arni

  2. Dare to discover the worlds which you dream of!

    You said it, my friend!

    Wishing you and Mr. Dider a BEAUTIFUL 2010!

    Love to you both!

    {{{{{{ Barb and Didier }}}}}}}}


  3. Happy New Year to all my friends !!

    Ro- Hauoli Makahiki Hou to you and your loved ones.
    I shall be back to blog visits Monday; see ya very soon !

    Anne- Happy New Years greeting once more to you . I’m always happy hearing from you . Friends do make the world go around.
    P.S. Yes, do dare to discover more and be happy doing it !!

    Leesa- Hi there neighbor ! Happy New Year to you sunshine.
    You said it; good things and times for a new year. We all need them !

    Hoping to see you soon

    Ronnie- Hellooo Mr Philadelphia and Happy New Year to ya !! Wooo !
    We all have another chance with one more year. I hope that your’s will be a great one.
    I’ll pass on your greetings to my “main squeeze”.

    And you take some warm & fuzzies too !! XXXOOO

  4. Bonne annee to you both! And may it be a really, truly GOOD one!! Just taking a breather from the visitors, although they will be back before the week’s out, snow and ice permitting!!

    Joyce xx

  5. Hi Joyce – Bonne anée to you too ! Thank you for your greetings; I’m wishing you and your family a smashing year too ! Yes, we can all use some more good times . I heard about your visitors, and can imagine how busy you were.
    Wishing you & Barry lots of joy XX

    Zhu- Happy New Year to you and your companion !!
    Stay healthy, study hard and best of luck with holding up your job too.

    The future is AHEAD of you, you, new citizen lady 🙂

  6. Hi Carolyn & Clive,

    Happy New Year’s greetings to you both and to your families !
    I was so touched by your post yesterday; that is a beautiful ” real life” reunion tale. I urge my friends & all who may pass by to read it. Carolyn’s blog link is on my sidebar.

    I hope to see you both in 2010 also. We had a short yet sweet meeting, but it was a pleasure and our paths shall cross.

    XXOO from “Siberia on the Seine”- It’s COLD over here !!

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