This way to the beach !

I had the idea last month, to throw in some shots of sunny beaches that we have been to.

The timing is great because it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere.Here in Europe,we are currently in a cold snap . There has been plenty of snow and ice in the UK and Western France these past days, and snow is even expected today in France where I live.

So sunny and warm shots are very welcome !

Lets call this a “virtual defrost zone ” 🙂

I normally don’t do personal blogging here but one key is needed; I grew up on Oahu(though not born there), and lived there until I got married and moved away. End of personal commentary 🙂

The Hawaiian islands all have gorgeous beaches and shores . Oahu is the main island, with the capital of the Hawaiian islands, Honolulu.This is the arrival point of all vistors to Oahu and the neighboring islands.

There are ” concrete jungles” galore in downtown Honolulu and the tourist’s spot called Waikiki, which I really don’t need to show you.

What we need is nature,fresh air and beaches 🙂

Today,I’ll show you today a bit of Waimea beach.This is in the area called the ” North” shore This coast is world famous for the quality of its waves.

Enjoy this visual warmth. Now all those Northern hemisphere peeps out there… ” who would like to be in Hawaii now- raise your hands !!”

Geez… I can almost imagine the sea of hands waving !

Date : September 2006.

Click on the pics to see the wider wiew.

See you guys again this week for more Hawaiian sunshine.


10 thoughts on “This way to the beach !

  1. Hi Anne,

    It looks like I’m not the only one who has snow today. It fell while I was going out to have a hot frink with Leesa. But, it didn’t last long.Enought to get me outside doing a most “un Hawaiian” activities; brushing snow & salting the sideewalk !

    Stay warm & drink lots of hot drinks Hey, I’m off for another cupa !!


  2. Hi Ollie,

    Travelers are always welcome here 🙂 I hope that you enjoy my pics.
    I will come and check out your website.

    Stay warm ! I have to try hard too- cold weather predicted for at least the next 10 days in France !!

  3. Bonjour Barbara!

    ooooo…..these shots are HEAVENLY!

    Reminds me of the beaches in Boca Raton, Florida (where I grew up part of my life).

    White sand, blue skies, and a crystal clear blue ocean!

    I can almost SMELL the Hawiian Tropic suntan oil cascading over the warm sea breeze!

    *while sipping a Pina’ Colata!

    tee, hee!

    Hope you had a great day, my Philly friend!

    X to you and Didier!

  4. Hi Ladies-
    Leesa- Aloha ! I knew that you would love these beach shots ! We all need this in the winter. So, if we can’t be there, we can virtually dream of warm sunshiny places !
    Until next summer 🙂
    Hugs XX

    Mira- Hi there ! So nice to see you. I think that a lot of people dream about going to HI or another island. I hope for you one day to experience this .
    If we don’t give ourselves hope, than we aren’t going anywhere in life.

    Take care & be strong ;

  5. Ooh ooh! Madly waving hands in the air!

    Just what the doctor ordered for me! I may have to steal one and use for a desktop on my computer for a few days… if you don’t mind!


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