We are still on Waimea beach but let the pictures warm any potential traveler to be careful with the North shore.

As peaceful and inviting as it looks, it’s waves pack a powerful punch.

Heed the warnings.

The lifeguards are equiped in case of emergency, but as they say ” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“.

Dig their equipment :

I’m more comfortable either in a shady spot or just along the water’s edge; a water baby I’m not !!

Happy weekend my friends 🙂

P.S. -I have more beach scenes next week; still in HI, but changing beaches.


5 thoughts on “Danger

  1. Hi Barbara!

    OMG…I can’t laughing at that second warning sign Dangerous Shorebreak OUCH!#$!?

    Hey…I’m totally diggin’ that lifeguard equipment. Especially the jet ski!

    And me too. Give me a shady spot or the waters edge. I baby I AM – HA!

    Have a great weekend, Barb!

    X to you and Didier!

  2. Hello Barbara, I am more of a beachy person that the water, but I do give it a try. Mind you I have never been to beaches like that, well don’t think I have. As you say thou, no matter how peaceful the waters look, there is always a strong under current to be aware of. Hugs anne xx

  3. Hi friends ,

    Kate- Howdy ! How are you doing ? You are right that in the cold of winter, scenes like this are like an oasis 🙂
    Come back soon; I’ll have more ! Take care & stay warm.

    Ronnie- Hi there dude ! Yes, that would be mighty sad to miss those warnings. Ouch indeed ! Ipersonally did’nt venture out that far. I stay close to the water’s edge,
    Yes; we would both break out the cooler, and down a few cold drinks in the shade.

    Happy weekend my dear XO

    Anne- Same style as Ron & I ? Join us with our cooler to just enjoy the ambiance.
    I love the setting;sound of the waves,sun,the blue of the water… more than the swimming part. I will go and “dip” in the shallower parts but that’s all. D on the other hand is a water baby; he loves to swim !

    XO to you down in chilly UK. stay warm !.

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