Total serenity

Another day, another beach…
Honestly, who could grow tired of this ? 😉

We are now on West Oahu, far from the beaten track. This bit of paradise below is found in Ewa Beach. It’s a in a residential area that most tourists would not go to.But, I knew this town when I was growing up on this island. let’s say it’s one of the places of my past life.

Click on the pics for the full view- I try my best to scale everything, but there’s always some of the image that’s left out !!

Across the water you can see the concrete jungle of Waikiki ( around the “mount”, which is Diamond Head, an extinct volcano).The other buildings going east are in Downtown Financial district.

Just gorgeous…

Wasn’t that a great day go to the beach ? Practically no one was around, because it was a work day.

I love beach days like these, when you are alone with the elements.


8 thoughts on “Total serenity

  1. Me too, Barb!

    While living in Florida, my favorite time to go to the beach was at dusk – no one was there, so it felt like I had the whole beach to myself.

    Sometimes I would sit in the Life Guard stand, while listening to music; watching the sunset.


    Beautiful shots, my friend!


  2. I could certainly do with a walk along the beach, to make my day brighter, I haven’t been anywhere near the sea since 2008 😦 even that was good though it was Italia !! Hugs Anne xxx

  3. That’s one great thing about Hawaii, where often times you can get the beach all to yourself. My husband was incredulous the first time he experienced such a thing. In Italy during summer, beaches are packed like a sardine can!

  4. Hello my friends ,

    Ronnie- Hi there ! I’m also a person who likes the beach when there are little or now people. If you can. It adds so much to the enjoyment.
    I can just imagine you chilling on the life guard station, soaking in the colors of sunset on the beach /°

    See you soon, amigo XX

    Anne- Hello 🙂 How are you doing my dear ? I hope that the New Year has been easy on you(besides the snow falls !).
    Yes, you too are way overdue for a beach break !! We got to get you in an exotic setting soon, 🙂 I’ll catch you soon. Bye for now XX

    Ro- Aloha ! Well, you come from HI , and to boot Kauai, where the beaches are beautiful. I think even quieter than Oahu’s ! Oh yes, I can imagine how fascinated your husband must of been to have been feeling like Robinson Crusoe, despite the summer months !
    Take care, lovely wahine 🙂

  5. sardines here too in the summers, but we do get them all to ourselves when we go in the fall/winter. . . of course it’s too darn cold!

    this is one beautiful stretch of beach. it appears shallow – the lighter blue water – like you can walk out far. good for throwing net?

    DANG i miss home.

  6. I love empty beaches. Usually, I don’t mind people and hanging out in busy places is actually somewhat comforting. But at the beach, I just want to be alone with my books!

  7. Hi ladies,

    Deb- Soo nice to see you here !! I KNEW that these would hit a tender spot with you :

    To be honest, I never swam here( I’m a bad swimmer !). This is where I came with my Mom to pick ogo. Now I came to think of it, we could just walk in and not get in too deep
    A realxing family beach 🙂
    I can only imagine how these picsis tug on your heartstrings XX

    Zhu- Salut ! You are like myself; I love the beaches empty and to be able to hear the ocean and the wind. An empty city on the other hand, can be like Creepsville ! It’s better to have some animation in town and… little on a beach .

    Leesa- Hey there amiga I know, I know, a lot of peeps in Europe would be happy to find themselves there now instead of under the snow !!

    Take it easy XX

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