Get the drift ?

A great shot to welcome the weekend…here’s a ” lifeguard” … he he *

I won’t tell you where he is on Oahu, but I’ve changed beaches again 🙂


Do like the dude in the picture; enjoy your weekend,have fun or relax and I’ll see you on Monday .


* Now that I think about my friend Anne’s comment below, this man is probably a “life guard in training”– just enjoying the shade 🙂 True, the inflatable chair is probably not regulation material either….

8 thoughts on “Get the drift ?

  1. Hi Barbara…great photo, warming me up …keep them coming.

    Oh i like the “dude” but he has a female lying next to him i think 🙂

    Hugs Anne

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    aaaaahhh…..such a warm and fuzzy shot!

    (especially the life guard)


    But no kidding, I really love this shot. I can actually feel the warm sun and tropical breezes. And the smell of Hawiian Tropic suntan lotion!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

    Aloha from Philly


  3. Hi Anne-
    Yes, It’s kind of the shame that the man had company in the photo. Bahh… don’t worry- we will look for a real one, with bulging muscles and sun washed blond hair 🙂

    Let’s not let the next one get by us !
    Hugs XXX

    Ron- Oooh now don’t you wish that you could be there, enjoying the “scenery on the beach, with a cold Corona or cocktail. We just won’t get your eyeballs unglued 🙂
    We could use some sunshine at this time…

    I’m sure that you enjoyed many a lovely beach scena in Florida.
    Happy weekend to you dear and see you neXt week !!

  4. Hi B,

    I wish that I were there too !
    I think most of us N Hemisphere peeps are pretty much in dire need of sunshine.
    Hang in there and Happy weekend to you 🙂

  5. Salut Zju 🙂
    Surely; we are not in rerun of Baywatch..
    But, many of us “snow birds” would love to be on that inflatable seat in the tropics.

    Hoping that you make it to Hawaii one day.
    Bises XX

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