“Hele on” to Ala Moana park

That means in Hawaiian pidgin English  – ” let’s go” !!

This is a beach park in downtown Honolulu is easy to find ; just right across the huge Ala Moana shopping center.It’s a family park and beach, that sees many locals. But, a lot of tourists come here to sun and swim too, seeing its next door to Waikiki, the main tourist area on Oahu.

Park entrance.

There are lots of grassy areas, and places to just sit and picnic. I like this “lagoon” area.

Diamond Head and more danger signs…

Looking out on some of  the concrete jungle hotels of Waikiki , with the Marina .


6 thoughts on ““Hele on” to Ala Moana park

  1. Spectacular!!!!!!! Hawaii is soooooo beautiful and so are your photos 🙂

    I love this park — have been there a few times with my late hubby and our son – magical memories. There is a Mexican restaurant across the street in the Ala Moana shopping complex — I forget the name – starts with C!?? Compadres? No … C-something – anyway, it looks out over this park and it is stunning.

    I loooooove your photos of Oahu beaches!

    Cheers and xoxoxox

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Great to see some sunny shots to brighten these grey gloomy January days! All that Vitamin D – yes please, I’d like some sunshine and a top up dose!

    Joyce 🙂

  3. Hi friends,

    Carolyn- G’day to ya !! It’s nice to have your news.
    i see that there were some special memories for you & your family in HI; awwwhh 🙂
    AM Park is a family place. As for the Mexican restaurant, I don’t know. I used to pass through AM a lot before but such a LONG LONG time ago… That mall has changed.

    I’m glad to share 🙂

    Joyce- Hi there ! I’m sorry; I’ve been horrible with my e mailing since the new year. I’m going to have to get back to you.
    Oh yes; tons of vitamin D !!! So much and more so; the sun’s rays are very intense.I remember getting some sun burn despite the precautions in Waimea ! I’ve been away so long…
    xxxooo too !

  4. Hi Zhu,

    You would be surprised indeed at all the buildings in the Waikiki to downtown Honolulu area there are ! That’s why I call it the “concrete jungle” 🙂
    If you go to what they call the “neighbor islands”, you will have some resorts & hotels but less than on Oahu.

    You have to come over in the future 😉

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