What’s this ??

Sometimes, you are at the right place at the right time to see some action…

Date : September 2006
Ala Moana Park

There’s a whole line of young ladies running on the beach.
I guess the guys out there are saying to themselves ” how did I miss this ?!!

Closer yet to D, our intrepid photographer…

After a lap along the beach, a turn around the coaches and a lap swimming in the sea.

This is surely some HS or college sports team in training. When I look at the coach in the green T-shirt & shorts, she looks like my HS gym teachers did ! Right down to the no-nonsense short hair cut.

It’s almost like the Iron Man, the triathalon that is run every year on the Big Island, in Hawaii. Except that I didn’t see those wahines ( ladies) on bikes. It’s still wonderful- hats off, ladies; I would be unable to keep up with you !!

Have a great day my friends 🙂


8 thoughts on “What’s this ??

  1. Absolutely gorgeous scenery Barbara….oh how I wish I could be back right now, jogging on the beach! Walking, running on sand is the best exercise yet…and you get to jump in after working up a sweat!

  2. Howzit Ro !

    I’m glad that you enjoyed these pics 🙂 I did too, because it was nice to forget for just a tiny moment some of the grey skies and cold.
    Oahu has some great beaches ( don’t include Waikiki aka Sardine city) that are gorgeous . Yes; moving in the sand is great exercise- you sleep like a princess after a beach day !
    See ya soon.

  3. Bonjour Barbara!

    Yes, absolutely….hats off, ladies! I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them either!

    Great shots! I’m always “a-gog” whenever I see how incredibly beautiful the sky is in Hawaii – bellissima!

    Happy Wednesday, my friend!

    {{{{ Barb }}}}


  4. Bringing us SUNSHINE again, so great ..Thanks Barbara, it is freezing here at the moment …:-(

    Yeah you would not want to mess with that lady, as you say!!


  5. Hi

    Anne- Bonjour !! You are very welcome for the massive doses of Vitamin D 🙂 It certainly is a wonder to look at when the days of winter bring you down.
    That lady looks like a TYPICAL Hawaii gym professor !! All business indeed !
    See you soon.

    Zhu- Hello 🙂 You would enjoy this one better than Waikiki beach, which is the usual tourist beach ( right in behind the hotels). A great place to sun,swim and relax. You can do it all and when you’ve had enough, throw on your short & T shirt and go stroll around
    Bises xx

  6. Hi Leesa,

    Mahalo 😉 Yes, it’s been fun, looking back at the sun and fun that is on Hawaii’s warm beaches. We needed our sunshine this winter 🙂

    You have a great weekend too and catch you next week.

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