It’s Aloha Friday !

Like the old island classic  says :

It’s Aloha Friday, no work till Monday”….

I’ll be sending you on your merry way to chill off with the last picture of my Hawaiian beach theme :

This is a surfer that D got to pose for him on Ala Moana Beach :

This pic is a real keeper… the man is even flashing the “SHAKA” sign. You got to know what shaka is; it means “hang loose”.
Like the surfer dude, stick out your pinky & thumb,push down the other 3 fingers, and wave it side to side.
There you go !

A new theme next week; of a practical kind.

SHAKA back to you all and happy weekend.


6 thoughts on “It’s Aloha Friday !

  1. What a faaaaaaaaaaaabulous post, Barbara!

    And guess what? Thanks to DSL, I was able to view the video – YAHOOOOO!

    Just to let you know, I’ll be singing that song ALL DAY at work today!

    *I’m sticking my thumb and pickie up and pushing down the three down*

    Aloha, my friend!

    Have a great weekend, my Philly friend!


  2. That’s a longboard! Haven’t seen one of these in ages.

    I used to surf, in France obviously. Not sure if I would have what it takes for Hawaiian waves!

  3. I like that real cool dude flashing the Shaka sign! Great shot. Oh, and it’s really cold & grey here in the UK so shots of men wearing bare chests and swim suits by a blue sea may – or may not! -make it more bearable!

    Joyce x

  4. Hello friends,
    Drat… Aloha Friday has gone by already so fast…

    Anne- Hello there mon amie 🙂 Humm… I thought that you would like this beach bum. Not really full of muscles but friendly,sporty and like the boy next door !
    A keeper indeed… oops; I meant the pic 🙂
    Cheers xxoo

    Ron- Woo hoooo man; you are with DSL and it works ! Where have you been these past years?! Wait until you see the fun stuff you can watch 😉
    Did you love the beach boy? Sorry; I don’t have a whole collection 😦
    Go for it man, SHAKA to ya !! XXOO

    Zhu- Salut ! The lady is right; a longboard ! I’m sure that you have quite a story to tell one day, how you rode the waves in France 🙂 The French South West coast is supposed to be a pretty good place for waves; I’d like to see that one day.

    Take care & bises !

    Joyce- Hi there my neighbor and friend 🙂 You are welcome for the warmth & sun sent down to UK. I heard that the snow came back in the middle of last week ! You need more sunshine !! Can you imagine that surfer going “bare chested” right now in the Channel?? He would be frozen stiff ! As they say in Hawaii : “Lucky you live Hawaii ” 🙂

    Hugs XX

  5. Cute surfer guy with a nice long board– Da Kine!!!
    Don’t see many of those in these parts, eh??? You and I have that in common– a land of surfers and surf….

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