See you this weekend

No,I’m not off on a trip this week, but I will be busy with work.
So, I’ll be back on Saturday with my new post.

Leaving you with a bit of cartoony humor until then :

I borrowed this image from HERE.
This is a great website if you are looking for some light humor for your blog or just want a few laughs.

Take care and see you soon.

2 thoughts on “See you this weekend

  1. Bwhahahahahahahahaha!

    OMG, Barb…that comic was hysterical!

    Thanks for a great laugh, my friend!

    Hope you have a great week. Looking forward to Saturday!

    {{{{{ Barb }}}}}}

  2. Hi Ronnie,

    Just popping in quickly !!
    I saw this cartoon & said PERFECT- Travel photography cartoon !!
    Well, I haven’t had this happen to me yet heeeee heee 🙂

    No experience with tribal populations…
    Though we DID see real Amish on the sidewalk in downtown Philly, and D puts his camera up & I say ” just respect them; they don’t really feel comfortable with that”. I D agreed & we just watch the whole line walk down ( I think) Chesnut Street.

    Once in a while, it’s better just to look than shoot a certain pic.


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