Bed and breakfasts that we love (1)

The following is self-motivated ( I’m not paid to do it either).

To our B&B hosts, Kudos for  everything !A friendly face and a clean place go a very far way for a visitor.

Since D & I had an unfortunate hotel experience in 2006, we decided to do things differently the next time we traveled…

My husband & I stayed at one San Francisco hotel (that will remain “nameless”), where we did not feel welcome at all. We don’t expect the red carpet treatment, but it costs nothing to give a smile or a kind word.It was our one and only cloud during our San Francisco stay – we loved that town !

Date: September 2009
Montreal,Quebec, Canada

Bienvenue à l’Auberge Belles Vues/ Welcome to the Auberge Belles Vues !

A view of the very comfy living room area. More photos available on the B&B web site below.

I know, auberge is usually an inn, but this is definitely a B&B

Why do we like this B& B ?

First, for the host, for his friendliness and great sense of humor. Jim, if you are reading this, you are the best in Montreal 😉

Secondly ( and just as important), a spacious,clean living area. We had a bedroom ( there are 3 bedrooms on our floor) with a fully equiped kitchen,spacious living room area,internet access, and television.The last areas are in common with your neighbors in the adjacent bedrooms. So, breakfast is self-serve, as well as any other meal you feel like preparing there.

Third- Very central location ! It’s on a side street right next to rue Sainte Catherine, which is a lively commercial street. Lots of restaurants, shops and the like here, and going all the way up this street ( which is HUGE !) into downtown.

Some of the scenery around the area. The red building is home to Radio Canada.

We arrived to find the area covered with these funny cut outs.Laundry on a clotheline under the summer sun ! They were up during all of summer when the area was a pedestrian zone only.

You can also walk to the nearest Metro, which is 10 minutes away, or just foot it.You will be in the Village, which is home to Montreal’s gay community.

You can’t miss the nearest Metro station, Beaudry, in its rainbow colors !

We were there during the weekend and saw that people here are very laid back and cool. A lot of people walking up & down the street , calmly mingling & chatting, and enjoying the night on the town.We felt very comfortable.

An easy feeling on Sainte Catherine street in the early evening.

Happy weekend to you all, amigos !

** NOTE from blog author: This bed & breakfast has been CLOSED the year following this post**

8 thoughts on “Bed and breakfasts that we love (1)

  1. Hello Barbara, Yes I agree with you. It costs nothing for a smile, and if you are in that industry that is what you have to do..SMILE, after all you are meant to feel “wow I will come back here….Tough Luck to the hotel in San Fran, and well done to the lovely B and B in Montreal 🙂 🙂

    Hugs Anne xx

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    WOW…that first shot of the B&B looks like a whole apartment!!!

    It definitely looks cozy, but also roomy. I can’t believe the WINDOWS! Lots of natural light – I LOVE it!

    I remember you telling me about the one in San Fran where they were not very friendly. You’re right…it doesn’t cost a cent to SMILE.

    ooooo…I hope you post about the B&B you stayed at in Philly. That was such a nice one.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

    X to you and Didier

  3. I agree, B&B’s are so often better than hotels now, and they have so many more comforts and nice friendly touches to rival them. I’m all for supporting them! The area looks interesting too – and staying in someone’s home always has the effect of being more “at home” in the place/area itself.

    Joyce 🙂

  4. Barbara, you may choose to keep that non-smiley b&b nameles here on this blog, but if you join Tripadvisor and put in your 2 cents, it really does help others to determine whether to stay there or not (if they are indeed a listing on Tripadvisor). Anyone going into the hospitality business should practice just that – hospitality – and nothing less. Just fyi…

  5. Good to know!

    I have had some really bad hotel/ hostel experiences, so I always ask around before I book. Cleanness and friendliness are definitely important.

  6. Hi friends,

    Anne- TRUE !! You should see some hotels. I have a few memories of past hotels and it’s not always warm. Since we started B&B’s in 2006, we have not had up to now, a bad experience.Since it’s more PEOPLE oriented, relations are easier and more pleasant.

    Ronnie- If you go to the Auberge Belle Vues website, you will see pics of all the living areas AND bedrooms. YES ! This is a BIG place ! I felt really comfortable here in all ways.
    Yes; that Philly B&B will also be featured; a wonderful find. ( note : D & I met Ron during a Phila stay, and he came to see us at our B&B !)

    Big hugs to you buddy XXOO

    Joyce- Hi ! I see that you are also B&B fans. There are many of them in the UK it seems; what do you say guest houses ? Nothing better to meet people,chat and learn about life from a local.
    Hugs to you & Barry XX

    Ro- DEFINATELY !! I’m a Trip Advisor member and I DO believe in the power of customer reports. BTW; I already wrote a negative review of their welcome. It was a shame; the place was clean and beautiful inside. But, a smile is important !

    Zhu- Now you know where to stay the next time in Montreal ! Very easy distance to everything, even to UQAM, that you can walk to. Then, it’s a very young area and I know that you would enjoy that too.
    Bises 🙂

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      These are good old memories of a B&B that no longer exists. We were quite into “rainbow terretory” and feeling relaxed about it.
      Happy weekend!

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