20 years

20 years old, I no longer am ( as most of you reading this), but I can say that I’m 20 today in terms of expat years.

Today marks my 20th year of life in France !!  Even I have a hard time thinking that all this time has gone by already, those years have just zoomed by.

I put below a sparkly Eiffel Tower picture, taken against a twilight sky. D took this photo in 2009, when my friend Anne came to Paris.

The Eiffel tower, French landmark N° Un ( one) is most likely one of the most recognized landmarks in the world. Most people,regardless of whether they have been to Paris or not it  immediately with Paris and France.
And for myself, it’s a part of the larger landscape; I live in the Paris suburbs.

In February I will be sharing a few of the best paper pictures taken of the French regions that D & I have been to in the past.So, if you have never been to France, you will have a taste for some of the scenery that you can expect to see here.

Happy Monday to you all, my friends.

10 thoughts on “20 years

  1. Not quite yet, but almost a quarter century….that is simply amazing! This year will be my 7th in Italy….not sure what the future holds but if I continue to stay on longer it’ll be feat!

    Barbara, that comment you left on my blog “Looks so delish. There really is no such thing as a boring meal with you! Happy Monday :)”….how would you say that in french? I’ve just signed on with a french language learning program to see how it goes. I figure that if I am going to live in Europe, I may as well learn as many foreign languages as possible, and if I intend to visit France more often……. ^-^

  2. HAPPY 20th, my dear friend!

    How wonderful! Yes, you’re right…doesn’t time just fly? I can’t believe I moved back east 9 years ago because I feel like I just got here.

    GORGEOUS photo, Barb!

    So exciting and beautiful!

    Have a faaaabulous day!

    Oui! Oui!

  3. How amazing, 20 years in Paris…. Woohoo….how great. Oh I remember that night we had out, with Me, You and Didier, what a wonderful night it was too!! When we went walking around after our lovely meal.

    I love the Eiffel Tower, never ceases to amaze me either. take care Anne xx

  4. Hi everyone,

    I’ve been swamped by work and only now have I returned here.

    Ro- Hey there ! Yes a quarter century ( makes me feel old already he he.
    iI have a transalting challenge here from you… Humm :

    Looks so delish.
    There really is no such thing as a boring meal with you!

    My choice :
    MIAM !!!! ( How we say YUM in French )
    Chez Rowena, un repas n’est jamais ordinaire !

    See you soon 🙂

    MERCI- Thank you buddy- MWAH !! Psst- throwing down some Eiffel twoer sparkles 🙂
    I had no idea that it was 9 years since you returned to Philly. You should write an anniversary post too. As I know that your feelings are far from indifferent. I tell you, places sometimes hold strong bonds.
    Big hugs and see you XXOO

    Anne- Bonjour !! Nice to have you here to see the sparkles on my 20th cake 🙂
    This French life has had it’s ups & downs but it’s been good. I learned,loved,laughed and yes, learned…. and still do !
    Your trip was a HUGE moment in time. We shall repeat in the future XXOO

    Zhu- Salut mon amie,

    Thank you ! Now imagine you with YOUR future anniversaries ! Without counting your citizenship day, I’m sure you are getting to the 10 year mark.
    We switched countries both of us, and we are both happy for it !
    Bises .

  5. Joyeuse anniversaire! 20 ans! Barbara, you live close to one of my all time favourite cities, so thank you for the photo and for your news – and may the next 20 years be happy expat ones for you too!

    Joyce x

  6. Hi friends-
    Joyce- Bonjour ! Thank you for your wishes ! I’m ready to attack the next 20 years. I’m so happy to share . I know how much you love Paris, so this brings back good memories I’m sure

    B- Hi there ! It’s nice to see you and thank you for your greetings. Very appreciated. i hope that you will experience Paris at least once in your life.
    See you soon !

  7. Hi Leesa,

    Once again, I’m like you.We work,do our everythings and when night falls, we don’t often feel like heading out to Paris. Anne’s trip was an occasion to do something different.

    So there we were like tourists admiring both the sunset and the sparkles on the tower.
    It felt awesome !!


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