Island fever

In February, I’ll be sharing some paper pics that we took in French regions.These pictures were all taken before digital existed. Back then, we used a beautiful Olympus camera ( which we still own).

This one was taken in West France out in Brittany.  D said it was an island behind Saint Malo ( which I’ll soon show you). We must have been walking on the beach that day and spotted the island.

Who wouldn’t love the idea of having their own private island ?!

See you all very soon for new pictures 🙂


4 thoughts on “Island fever

  1. Bonjour Babara!

    OMG…you’re not going to believe this, but the camera I presently own is ALSO an Olympus!!! And I’ll tell ya…it still takes the most fabulous pictures.

    One of these days I’ll move on to a digital. Hell, I just got DSL!


    Great shot, my friend!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    {{{{ Barb }}}}}


  2. Hey guys !
    Darn how did I miss commenting this !

    Ron- Olympis is an excellent mark; we took some fab paper photos with ours. YES !! Go digital. When I look at my paper pics, I now feel spoiled for the higher quality of digital. And it’s easy once you get used to everything.

    Anne- Bonjour ! Next time we can walk it over at low tide and take a picnic lunch. Wouldn’t that be fab ? Saint Malo has a beautiful beach. One day you have to also do some touring in the French regions too XX

    Zhu- I see that this island is no secret to you !! It looks nice, and if one can’t have a Hawaiian island with white sand, we can pretend on a sunny day.
    See you very soon & grosses bises 🙂

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