Take me up the mountain

A few years back when D & I were younger, we used to go up to the mountains.

We started going to the Vosges region first because we were researching D’s roots( some of them go back to this region). But, this quickly went beyond Genealogy and we both came to know & appreciate this region for its natural beauty :

You can click on each of these two maps to get a larger view.

Here is where our area is located on the map of France :

Here’s a map of the “département des Vosges” . A “département” is a territorial division that can be  roughly compared to a US state . The biggest city & administrative center is  Epinal.

Wild Lupin ( I had mistakenly identified it as floxglove, which is a toxic plant !) Thanks for the info, Leesa !

Little house on the prairie ? These two homes were hidden in a forest area.

How much wood did that woodchuck chuck ??

I Don’t know, but if you are in the Vosges, wood is everywhere. We are on a footpath in a forest with some neatly stacked logs.It’s a cold country, and every home has its corner to tuck away the wood to burn for winter.

I’ll take you guys on the mountain tops next time 😉

9 thoughts on “Take me up the mountain

  1. Oh, Barb….I LOVE going to the mountains!

    The Poconos here are wonderful!

    VERY interesting to read about the plant. WOW!

    The houses are adorable. I honestly think I could live in one of those if I should ever decide to leave the city for country life.

    Thanks for such an informative post, my friend!

    Thoroughly enjoyed!

    Have a VUNDERBAR day!


  2. Hi everyone,

    Anne- Bonjour. I see that you love the mountains also.! I don’t feel old indeed, and my legs could still do with some hiking. As long as life still allows you to walk and enjoy.
    Thanks for calling me young 🙂 I do feel it !

    Ron- Hey there buddy ! I think the mountains are awesome too. I’ve never been to the Poconos, but I’ve caught up in time by seeing this beautiful area of France, and the more majestic Alps ( another story).

    So, if you dump the rat race, you want a cabin in the mountains ? I can just see you ! It takes a hardy disposition and I know you have it.

    XXOO all toasty warm for my Snowmageddon survivor !!

    Zhu- Salut ! I think for a girl from th Atlantic coast beaches in France, the East is unknown terretory. But it is lovely and calm. Now with the TGV Est, it’s never been quicker getting there via Nancy( about 2 hrs time) then by TER ( note: regional train).

    As for the digitalis : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitalis
    Bises xx

  3. Hi Barbara,

    Beautiful pic! It looks more like wild lupine (mountain variety) than foxglove… Look at the leaves and the shape of the flower itself.. Just an FYI from a former gardener! Floxglove flowers look like big bells… Both are pretty but I prefer lupine…

  4. Hi Barbara,

    I used to grow lupine in my garden in San Diego and it was one of my spring favs! Foxglove, however, has never an appealing flower to me.. esp. since it’s poisonous.. So… that’s basically how I know the diff… the flowers do look similar and maybe both of them grow as wild flowers on the hillsides and fields… Not sure.. But, I HAVE seen wild lupine in France along the countryside and I LOVE it.. because it’s wild… and it was always something I had to go by seeds for!! : )
    Thanks for posting the link and letting us off the hook… hehe!
    Have a great day!

  5. Just catching up on blogs – love these photos, you youngster, you!! — especially the one of the houses – amazing.

    It is just such a pleasure to see your photos — magnifique!!

    Hope to see you later this year, too 🙂 xox

  6. Hey Carolyn 🙂
    I tell you, there’s something about mountains and their open spaces that make you want to run and galop it’s open spaces. Fresh air and peaceful surroundings. Though the altitude and fresh air always do one thing; they tire me out. But, it’s for the good cause 🙂

    It’s a pleasure to share… I think that I have really found my thing in blogging. Because I cannot conceive a trip without a single photo… they go hand in hand.

    Bye for now XX

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