On top of the world

Some views from le col de la Schluct ( 1139 meters high/373 feet ).It’s not Mount Everest, but offers a great view and lots of fresh air .

Col means a mountain pass, and this one joins the Vosges, and it’s vallée de la Meurthe to the neighboring region called Alsace, and it’s vallée de la Fecht. There’s even a marker up there to remind you of this geographical tidbit :

Step to one side, you’re in the Alsace region, step to the other the Lorraine region.

But, like most visitors who go up there, we let the car haul us up. But hardy hikers or bikers also do the climb up.The “cols/ mountain passes” in this area have more than once been host to bicycle races like the Tour de France.

An orientation table. Looking towards neighboring Alsace and the Vosges.One is supposedly able (on a clearer day), to catch a glimpse of the French Alps.Not easy-it’s further down South and no ways nearby.

To end with a Panoramic shot. Click on the picture to get that Panoramic view.

Taken by a Kodak Advantix camera, which allowed you to easily shoot landscapes like this. It was a very original  camera; no plastic negatives; they were all contained in the roll of film that you used ! And you got a “film card”, that let you indentify  each of your pictures.

6 thoughts on “On top of the world

  1. Hi Barbara these are amazing photos, oh I would like to be up there, but it would have to be a bit warmer 🙂

    Thanks for email ..I will email back very very soon 🙂 take care hugs Anne

  2. Lovely to see these shots of the Vosges. I think it’s one of those lesser known regions and the scenery is spectacular. We’ve been there a couple of times, walking in all the scenic greenery and finding waterfalls and pretty villages in valleys. I just love the variety of places, scenery & terrain in France – maybe that’s why we return so often!!

    Thank you for these – it’s got me thinking about where we might go later this year…!

    Joyce x

  3. Hello everyone !

    Anne- Bonjour ! Oh yes, you a right to opt for Spring or summer. It’s a cold country that has had very abundant snowfall this year ! A beautiful spot in the warmer months.
    You are welcome for the e mail – it’s always a pleasure XX

    Joyce- Hello- so nice to see you 🙂 Oooh; I see that you have been “East” also. You know why D and I were ( and still are) feeling great here. Open spaces,fresh air and nature everywhere. France is a country that is full of variety and I love that too !!
    Hugs to you & Barry XX

    Zhu- Salut chérie 🙂
    Funny indeed – you might have missed going there the first time around, but here it is !! Unfortunately, I havene’t been everywhere… I can say I’ve done the most often either the coasts or the mountains. You will see !!
    Bises xx

  4. Beautiful shots, Barb!

    Upon seeing those photos, I felt like Julie Andrews singing, “The hills are alive…with the sound of music!”


    Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

    X to you and Didier!

  5. Hi Ronnie !

    I was thinking the SAME THING when I downloaded the pics here. I ALMOST wrote that but decided to let you all enjoy the scenery !

    But you can definately put on your sound of music tunes !!
    Freaking gorgeous place 🙂

    Take care and have a great Monday my dear XXX

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