As the stork flies

When you travel either in the Vosges ” département” or in neighboring Alsace( Spring – the start of Fall) , your paths sometimes cross storks.

The white stork has the reputation in North America as the “delivery service” for newborn babies.I think that these legends came over to America  with the Alsatian migrants. Because in popular legend here in Alsace, the stork does deliver the newborns to the proud parents. After picking up the newborn in a spring or well !

Back to the big bird… these are champion flyers, as they migrate before each winter to warmer climes in Africa. And in the Spring, come back to their homelands.

I’ve actually seen real storks twice in Alsace, including this second viewing in Munster :

We stumbled upon this area. It’s not a zoo, but an enclosed area to raise storks, in the view to reintroduce them in the wild.

Storks in the park.
I hate photographing behind fencing, but you don’t have an option at times.

Look up there- a stork’s nest with a stork inside !

If you click on the pic, you can have a peek of the little white head.

As much as I could understand, the stork’s nests are the most often not disturbed during the nesting season on chimneys and roof tops.

I remember well that I found the storks up there for one reason… one of them was clicking its beak. Impossible to describe the clicking sound- like two wooden blocks but at rapid fire tempo ! I would imagine that one bird nests and calls to its partner to go rustle up some food for the youngsters.And hurry up !!

It’s not at all unusual for other regions far from Alsace to have storks in the Spring/ the Fall when they pass through.But I haven’t seen them elsewhere than in Alsace up to now.

These type of  encounters don’t make me miss the big city at all.


5 thoughts on “As the stork flies

  1. bonjour mon ami

    thanks for a wonderful interesting post 🙂 lots on google about Storks. There is a myth also that they drop the baby down the chimney, that is why they nest on the chimneys,….Now there is a challenge see what you can find out ?

    I just read that an American pickle company use the Stork on their products , due to pregnant women being great pickle eaters…Well I can vouch for that..I was..still am and my boys love pickles.

    Take care and have a great week xx

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    Oh…what a wonderful and fascinating post about storks. I had no idea!

    But, I do know that “I” was delivered by a stork.

    At least that’s what my father told me – HA!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    I really enjoyed reading this.

    Hope you’re having a spectacular Tuesday!


  3. The stork brought me to my parents, too!! Actually, the stork is such a symbol of baby delivering.. that it’s embedded in American culture… What did the stork bring to your house? A boy or a girl? Hehe!!

    I didn’t know that about the region, but now that you mention it… I’ve seen storks and I thought the were cranes!! I have to learn the work in French for both birds as I know there are differences but I have no idea! Time to Google!

  4. Hi firends-

    Anne- Bonjour ! Wow- you have been brushing up on your stork knowledge 🙂
    I didn’t know that part about the storks dropping the babes down the chimney ! I remember hearing in Alsace that having a stork’s nest up your roof is a good sign.

    Yes the picjkes- Clausen’s of course !!; the stork with the Grouch Marx voice in the TV ads 🙂

    Ron- Hey there buddy 😉 You are welcome ! As they say, you learn something new everyday 🙂 So now you are stork saavy he he.
    You dropped down from a stork’s beak ? Funny, you should say that 🙂 I know many more people who also say that 🙂

    There is another more “standars” traditon in France :
    Boys are born in cabbage heads
    Girls are born in roses.
    But in Alsace, it’s the stork that does itr !!

    It was a pleasure and you take care too Big hugs X

    Leesa- Hi there- join the stork club !! I still have my old baby book somewhere at Mom’s, and there is more than one stork card. It was a traditional type of baby card.
    And yes in “baby talk” too 🙂
    I have not done birdwatching in France, but the storks do pass over and “vacation” in other regions. Open your eyes and do google about bird species.

    See you soon XX

    Zhu- Salut chérie 🙂

    I think that the storks bring babies to Alsace ( probaly to Germany too, now that I think). But in France, remember the same lines I put up in Ron’s comment

    ” Les garçons naissent dans le choux et les filles dans les roses”.
    I have heard that so much; it’s cute, but I still like the idea of an actual “delivery” !

    See you soon 🙂

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