Cool runnings

“Cool runnings” is an expression that does not come from France but from far away Jamaica. It means “Peace be the journey”. I love that.

To tell you all the truth, I’ve never been to Jamaica. But, watching travel documentaries is another outlet for me when I can’t travel .  And it adds to my appreciation of other countries, including some that I know that I will never visit in my lifetime.

And when I look at the picture below, I think of that Jamaican expression for several reasons. Like the flowing and calming effects of water. The water is literally “running” down; in sheets !

This one is named the “cascades de Tendon/ Tendon cascades, in the Vosges “département”. It is a modest work of nature. There are actually 3 cascades, with a “big cascade” with a drop of 32 meters/ 104 feet.

I looked up to see the difference between cascades and falls and it is of course, height. Cascades are smaller and steeper and often come in series ( Check, here).

Just like the water moves and takes momentum, I will move on.It’s time to choose another French region. Though D gives me hope that we will return to the Vosges one day. We have not been back in a long time and would love to go back.

It’s time to leave the forests and mountains to go West and  towards the coast.

Cool runnings to you my friends and Happy weekend.


10 thoughts on “Cool runnings

  1. I’m right with you on travel documentaries, and for me, the more exotic, the better. On my wish list of places that I’d like to go is Madagascar, South America, all of eastern Asia! And that’s only the land part. There are some sweet places in the Pacific that I’d like to snorkel or scuba dive in to see the great varieties of colorful fish. Eh….in that case I guess you could say that it would be a “school running”? lol! Have a good weekend Barbara!

  2. Beautifully expressed post, Barbara!

    …”Just like the water moves and takes momentum, I will move on.”….

    I love that because it’s something we ALL can learn from.

    Life moves forward, so move with it.

    …”Cool Runnings”…

    I love that too!

    Great shot, Barb! I can actually hear the water cascading down over the rocks.

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend, my friend!

    X to you and Didier!

  3. Hi there ,

    Ro- I have another travel doc fan here 😉 Along with blogs and their photos, travel docs let me travel when I can’t physically do so. Oooh; I have my dream list too, Some are right in Europe ( I have an attraction to Scandinavia for some reason), and my big numero uno is New Zealand.
    Heeee; a school running with snorkeling & diving ! Good one,wahine 🙂

    Ronnie- Hey there dude.
    I’m glad that I could send some cool runnings your way, maaaan.
    Those cascades are only the second one I’ve really seen since living in Europe. I love both the sound of the water and it’s movement.

    Happy weekend to ya too ! XXOO

  4. Water has a soothing effect on me too. I used to love to seat by the sea and to watch the waves crashing on the shore… or waterfalls. I can stare at them for hours!

  5. Hi ladies,

    B- Thank you dear ! You enjoy and have a great weekend too ! I hope to see you soon.

    Zhu- You are like me; I can stay a longtime just listening/ looking. It’s a bit like getting in touch with yoourself without the distractions of life.
    We are zen ladies, aren’t we 😉

    Bises xx

  6. Bonjour Anne !

    It’s always a pleasure to have your news.
    Oh yes; I really do want to get back there one day soon. But, we have some other plans for 2010 ( everyone will soon see them 😉 ),
    Aaaah… All one of us needs is to win the Euromillion lottery !! oui !!

    Big hugs XXOO

  7. HI Barbara,

    Just catching up with you after a week away. The picture, when I first saw it, reminded me of the Cascade d’Herrison in the Voges – quite unforgettable as so beautiful and refreshing and green. I took a photo of B standing by it & swear the setting is so energetic it made him look a good 10 years younger!

    Joyce 🙂

  8. Hi Joyce !

    It’s nice to see you. Ahhh. you & B have fallen in love with the cascades in the Vosges too ! We haven’t been to the cascade de l’Herisson yet; we have to see that one next time.
    Yes; there is something to the rapids that does make you feel young and revigorated .
    Maybe B found his “Fountain of Youth ” ! We all need more of that 🙂

    Big hugs xx

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