Bed and breakfasts that we love (2)

Philadelphia,PA will be our next stop in this series about our favorite  B&B spots.

In September 2008, we came through Philadelphia for touring and also to reunite with my cousins.

We had not been back since many years, and we now needed a new base for our stay. Through the search engines,we found Bed and Breakfast Connections of Philadelphia. This is an agency where we found in its Philadelphia listings a rustic B&B named “New Market Bed and Breakfast”.

The New Market Bed and Breakfast, as seen from the street side.

We looked at our budget, and decided that instead of paying an equivalent ( or even higher) price in some cold hotel,we would feel more comfortable in a home.

Why did we like this B&B ?

First, for the hostess.

Her name is Norma.She is friendly, talkative and will do everything that she can to make your stay in Philadelphia a success. She serves you a delicious homemade breakfast in her kitchen. I especially remember her yummy homemade Museli. We passed excellent moments around the breakfast table, talking with Norma and other guests.

Second, the home itself.

How many times in your travels will you be able to sleep in a home that is several hundred years old?  Most likely, almost never.

This home dates from 1811, but in its present form is actually from 1830. The home has kept many of its authentic features such as the doors,latches and it’s brick walls.Norma will show you all of that with pride.

It is special to reside in an older B&B and let yourself  step back in time a bit… but with all the modern comforts expected for your stay.

A look at the entry and Living room areas:

The bedrooms :

D & I had this bedroom. It was spacious,full of light, and with a private bathroom.

Delicate details give charm to the decor.

Finally, the location. This beautiful home is within easy walking distance of some of the major popular tourist areas of Philadelphia. On one side is the popular area called South street. And on the opposite site, the quaint brick homes of Society Hill and the Historical area.

For anyone that is coming to Philadelphia for the first time, I will say that  location is a very important point to consider. Because, you don’t want to take hours to get to and from the most popular areas of town.

A horse-drawn carriage going through Society Hill.

And,the human scale and green spaces make it a pleasant place to walk. Also, the historic district, with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, etc. are within easy walking distance.

Independence Hall seen from the Liberty Bell Center.

Let me direct all travelers to the website where you can discover this charming Bed and breakfast :

Scroll down ( the listings are alphabetical) to New Market Bed and Breakfast.

Just a word about the reservation service of this agency. We were served with courtesy and the greatest of attention.We had a problem with our card number. The  agent went through everything slowly and calmly until we found the problem ( one number that was off).

It once you give your information, the agency takes care of everything with the Bed and Breakfast, and provides you with your contact information

Thumbs up to you, Norma ! D and I have found our home in Philly .We look forward to coming back one day for another Philadelphia experience.


4 thoughts on “Bed and breakfasts that we love (2)

  1. Hi Barbara!

    OMG…memories light the corners of my mind!

    Walking down that street, knocking at the door and then meeting you and Didier for the very first time. What an adorable place that was.

    Lovely shots, Barb! You truly are a wonderful tour guide!


  2. Looks very cozy!

    I was thinking of you tonight, I hope Hawaii is okay and won’t be hit by a tsunami. I feel so sad for Chile… we were there just a year ago, I love the people there.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Anne- Bonjour ! Yes, you have summed it up. This B&B is a keeper . I would without the silightest hesitation,stay here again in my future trips back to Philly.
    See you soon, honey xxx

    Ronnie- This all looks familiar. Because Ronnie came knocking at the door to come meet us ! It’s like the whole scene is engraved in our memories 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words. We needed to show how lovely it was inside… and outside. We could walk hours in the Society Hill area !
    Big hugs to you amIgo xxxx

    Zhu- Hi ! Yes, very cozy indeed!
    On the suject of that awful earthquake in Chile, I have not yet turned on the news this morning, but I think the damage will be very bad. So much suffering and desolation following just weeks after Haiti’s disaster 😦

    On the other hand, I was very reassured by the Honolulu Advertiser ( online newspaper), with it’s title : Hawaii Tsunami warning canceled;no damge seen to the islands. Link :
    Bises à toi, chérie

    Happy Sunday to all ! 🙂

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