Who are you calling lazy ?

Cat on the Port .
Date: 2001
Barfleur, Normandy,France.

I would not say that I’m imitating that cat in the picture up there…

Because,I have had little time for leisure these past days.

Monday and Tuesday, I worked “like a dog” ( sorry Kitty) .When I finally got to breathe on Wednesday, I took advantage of the sunshine to finally get outside ! Thanks to my blogger friend, Leesa for sharing the road with me a few hours and for introducing me to Emily, another US expat neighbor 🙂

I will be catching up with my travel photos here and with friend’s blogs.

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on me. Thank you very much also for commenting on my last post for New Market B&B. This is a great one and worth a stay if anyone is headed to Philly.

Take care my friends X


4 thoughts on “Who are you calling lazy ?

  1. The sun came out for you all to take a breather and get together. How great to meet another US expat.. Leesa is brilliant doing that isn’t she.

    Love the photo, oh I would like to be this little cat basking and sleeping in the warmth 🙂

  2. Hi Barbara!

    YES…I saw the pictures of you, Leesa, and Emily on Leesa’s post yesterday.


    And it looked like you ladies were having a wonderful time! Wish I’d of been there!

    GREAT photo, my friend! As you know I’m a kittyholic!


    Glad to hear about your work going so well!

    Have a great weekend!

    (((( BARB )))))


  3. Hi friends,

    Anne- Oh yes my dear; the sunshine timing was “picture perfect” for me ! I needed to get out; my feet were just itching to walk.
    Yes, cats lead an easy lifestyle don’t they ? xxoo

    Ronnie- Good morning Philadelphia !!

    OK.. I got some media coverage of my walk. Leesa is great for introducing people and showing the lovely pics after 🙂 You would have had the choice seat and a hot drink if you were with us…
    I had a feeling that kitty would make you smile too.
    Happy weekend and see you next week Mwah- xxx

    Zhu- Yaaawwn… and I’m in the morning and it’s probably not to best example to set either, to slump down on the keyboard…. Lucky as a cat that one !

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