Racing boats

Date: August 2000
Place : Saint Malo, France

On one grey morning, we ignored the “Keep out” signs on along the port, just to get closer to the racing boats. These are catamaran whose height and width fascinated us. We got to see this famous champion :

This particular craft was running for the colors of a big real estate company ( the biggest lettering) plus a few others.

I like these b&w versions. As these are pictures taken on a downcast day, they came out greyish. The scanner printed them in b&w!

I just added that partial blue coloring up there, for some light and a bit of  fantasy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Racing boats

  1. The weather was grey as well when we visited the city two years ago (I guess this is Brittany!) but I loved the city. It’s quite picturesque!

    Great shots 🙂 Did you notice the Champlain statue?

  2. Hi there 😉

    Anne- Bonjour mon amie. Oh yes, b& w is très chic.Thank you… I have to work it a little more with b&w… After so many years in France I do like them; “Keep out” and everyone still ends up wandering over. No harm done 🙂 XO

    Zhu- Salut ! Yes, we got the same type of luck with the weather in Saint Malo. But, it’s a gorgeous city that is cjock full of History. The Cahmplain statue… Hum; we missed that. Be we have other things coming up that we did not miss xx

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