Saint Malo

Saint Malo is an interesting fortified town that has a brilliant past.

It is often called “la cité des Corsaires” /city of the corsairs,due to it’s past population of privateers and pirates. A privateer was a person who was like a modern-day mercenary,with the blessing of the French crown to attack foreign vessels.Not your run of the mill type of job…

Looking towards the city from the outisde.

Some of the thick stone walls that go around the old city…

Arched entrances with some type of heraldry on top.

But, Saint Malo also gained both prestige and wealth through its expeditions to the New World. The most famous resident to sail towards the Americas was Jacques Cartier, who discovered Canada. Jacques Cartier’s home in Rothéneuf, outside Saint Malo, can be visited by the public.

Jacques Cartier’s grave inside the Cathedral.

Statue honoring the navigator Surcouf, flanked by flags of Quebec.

Saint Malo is today a popular tourist destination, with its lovely beaches, in easy walking distance outside the city walls.The pirates are long gone, but the lure of the ocean lives on !

6 thoughts on “Saint Malo

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    What a fascinating post! Loved hearing about the history of the this city.

    That last shot is faaaaaaaabulous! I get such a sense of the whole “pirate thingy” just from looking at it!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    Have a wonderful day!

    X to you and Didier!

  2. Very Cool!!

    I can’t wait to visit!! Thanks for posting these lovely pics!

    Have a great weekend….

  3. Hello my friends,

    Ronnie- Hey there buddy ! I’m so glad that you enjoyed my little post on Saint Malo. I told D the last time that I still keep with me the sense of WONDER at all that is ancient in Europe. We as North Americans grew up in a young country.

    So, you can always find me in the older parts of towns here in Europe 😉
    Big hugs to you XXXOOO

    Leesa- Hey there ! You are very welcome. Since I had started with the boats in Saint Malo, I needed a few more of the city.
    It is well worth a visit. You might have some company in April but far less than you might have in July-August.

    Zhu- Ah that’s OK ; we visit and we learn at the same time. Next time, you will have a pop quiz in your e mail box heehee 🙂 Take care & big bisous xx

  4. Very cool! Interesting re the connection of Cartier and Canada 🙂

    I had read about St. Malo but didn’t appreciate its pirate history unitl your post – thank you!

    Cheers and happy travels.

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    It’s so nice to catch up with you ! I feel that summer is winding down in Sydney, as we in the N Hemesphere are gearing up for Spring.
    St Malo is a fascinating place, though the hordes of tourists may make this History seem so distant. The link between the city & Jacques Cartier also ties it forever to the North America.

    You take care & come back soon 😉

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