In the footsteps of Joan of Arc

This is the continuing with our jaunt to Chinon, ut this time, up to the Fortress.
Get up there, that’s what we had to do. Thats a modern elevator on the right !

But even that elevator didn’t cut all the distance…After a long winding walk through a small street and alongside a road ( the usual entrances are closed do to some castle renovations), then finally on a footpath that leads to the entrance.
This gives you an idea for the height of the towers !

What’s left of the room where Joan of Arc met the future King of France ( story in next post). As it sometimes is, when you visit  Historical places, you can be dissapointed to find so little ! Time has come and left it’s rubble…

Commemorative marker

Another angle on the famous spot.

La tour de l’Horloge/ The Clock Tower. It holds both an ancient bell named “Marie Javelle” ( not visible), dating from the 1399 ( that still rings on each half hour), and a small Joan of Arc museum.

Statue that depicts Joan of Arc on a noble steed.

Authentic armor,made from hundreds of chain links. Found on one of Joan of Arc’s battlefields.

Finally, a crossbow, like soldiers in Joan of Arc’s time used. But, I have no idea if this is authentic/a copy ( but,I would think a copy)


4 thoughts on “In the footsteps of Joan of Arc

  1. Oh…I had chills looking at these photos and reading your words.

    I could actually FEEL the history through these images!!!

    I bet it felt incredible to walk through the footpaths and buildings. That’s how I felt when I walked thru the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It’s like I could feel the energy that still remains there.

    Thank you so much for sharing these posts, my friend. I look forward to your next post!


  2. Zhu- It surprised me when I saw it too !! But, I’m more than sure more than one tourist was happy to have it.

    Ronnie- Ooooh; you got shivers down your spine 🙂 It’s true; when you go through a very old building, you feel like the place has LIVED. D & I just trod here & there and look at everything from different angles.
    I would like to visit Anne Frank’s home one day, but I have to be brave. Because I read her Diaries when I was about the same age as she was in hiding. So moving; hand me a Kleenix, pls…

    Hugs XXX

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