Check that out, mate !

I need some humor this morning…the downside of life is grabbing at me.
But,you will never hear me moan on this blog, because photography and travel is the best therapy. It gives me only goodness and joy in return.
I remembered these pics that D took in Montreal in 2008.

Look at them IN ORDER and do click to see them even closer :

Date: September 2008
Montreal,Quebec, Canada :

The fashion plates strut their stuff in front of the chess players and others…

The men on the benches all have their heads turned and have stopped chatting . “What was that ??!”

Merci D/ Thanks to my husband, who took these shots !
I think that seeing this assortment of trendy females( or so I think 🙂 ), he was intrigued. But the two shots put together are a riot !! That’s called of course, being at the right place at the right time.

Have a good one and remember to tickle your funny bone today.

4 thoughts on “Check that out, mate !

  1. Brava Didier!

    Flawless catch with your camera!!!!

    Hey, I’m so enthralled with the large chess pieces that the guys are playing chess with – how COOL is that???

    I’ve never seen anything like it!

    Thanks for sharing the humor, Barb!

    {{{{ Barb + Didier }}}}}}

  2. When I was in Montreal this weekend, it got very cold on Friday (around – 15C). I saw some women on St Catherine wearing nothing but a very short skirts and a bra. And no, no prostitutes… just girls going to a party I think – they were very young. I was like WTF…???

  3. Anne –
    I tell you indeed; men see different things than woman behind the camera 🙂 I don’t think that I would have photographed this at the moment but, when I reviewed the pics, I was laughing so hard !!
    Thank you;Merci; the photograph smiled when I told me your compliment xxoo

    Ron- I thought that you would appreciate the humor behind this. But , you are looking more at the big chess toys than the “boy toys 🙂 I think that’s what held my attention at first. I have never seen giant chess elsewhere either; pretty cool !!

    Thank you honey, and now if you feel the urge to pull on a pair of go-go boots, it’s probably my fault !!

    Zhu- Salut ! I noticed also other examples of young trendy ( or cheaply) dressed girls at night. Once, we saw young women with low cut clothing in the Metro station at past midnight… At 14 or 15, I would not have been able to leave the house dressed like that…

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