An April fool? Not I…

This could have been an “April Fool’s” post to be sure, if I tried to convince you that I was in the photo decor, right now, enjoying all that blue sky and sea…

Date: June 2007

This was taken overlooking the famous cliff called the Falaise d’aval/ Or the downstream cliff. It is one of France’s most famous natural landmarks.
Want more ?? Surely; after I wade through our DVD, to make a selection just for you.
No fooling πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “An April fool? Not I…

  1. Hi Leesa,

    Thank you ! We love this area. The water is chilly for swimming “up North” but the scenery is stunning !! Climb up to the Falaises to enjoy the views,sea air, and of course, to tell great pics πŸ™‚

    Bises xxx

  2. Barbara, your photo of the Falaise made me laugh! I’ve been there too, on a road trip to Mont St Michel, and our visit looked nothing like that! It started out as a nice day and was pretty warm when we parked and there was a little sun, which was soon completely covered by dark clouds and it got very cold. I had wanted to run around on the rocky beach, and even with the change in weather wasn’t about to miss my chance to dip my tootsies into the Channel. So despite the increasingly stormy seas I took off my shoes, rolled up my jeans, and waded in…. right before a huge wave came in, soaking me and the shoes I had left on the beach! Makes a good story, in any case.

    I loved your pictures of Chinon. If you’re looking for another cute, well preserved French city, Laon, about 1h30 by train from Paris, is adorable. You take the Poma to the old city on top of the hill, where there are great views, cute cobblestone streets, lots of old stone buildings, and a few touristy things to see (Cathedral with a great crepe place to the right as you’re facing it, a Templar chapel). The tourism office, which is located near the Cathedral if I remember correctly, is very helpful and has maps of walks you can take around the city. Have to put in a good word for tourism in Picardie! Soissons is also HIGHLY recommended πŸ™‚

  3. No joke at all! The beauty of this is that it’s real!! This is one of our favourite coastal places in northern France, and we find every excuse we can to include it on one of our holidays, just so we can walk along the cliffs and enjoy these magnificent views! It’s also good to remember we’re looking at what Monet looked at & painted here, and it is a delightful place all round (with a pretty good campsite too).

    This shot just whets my appetite to go back there later this year..!

    Joyce x

  4. Hi there πŸ˜‰

    Mira- So nice to have you here !!
    I was laughing also imagining your scene πŸ™‚ Surprise ! I bet you would do it again, if you could, in a wink of an eye. You have to give yourself the motivation and have to say ” the next time, I’am returning and doing EVERYTHING that I want to !
    I haven’t been to Laon but that sounds very tempting. Iam a sucker for old villages.

    Take care xx
    Zhu- Salut chΓ©rie. Wow; we gave a Carribean look to Etretat. That’s pretty good for a Normandy coastal village πŸ™‚ On a beautiful day, the water is a sparkling “blue-grey” and everything is bright and inviting. You should come over one day and go cliff climbing πŸ™‚ xx

    Joyce- Aaaah; you know one of France’s coastal beauties. Etratat is a real jewel, and full of this old world charm. I haven’t even gone through some of the History there, but painters and writers loved this town, esp in the 19th century. Please do; go back soon ! xo

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