Lingering along the cliffs at Etretat

I have been out of it these past days.
Between our internet problems ( 5 days without connection) and my FIL’s hospitalisation, I have been so busy coping with everything.
Life can really be a bitch at times…

OK,OK;  Time out.
It will do me so much good if you went on a virtual walk with me along the beach in Etretat in Normandy. The same destination as in my April 1 post.

Enjoy 🙂

9 thoughts on “Lingering along the cliffs at Etretat

  1. Go gently & enjoy that virtual walk. Lovely shots all of them & really does bring it back for me. Hmmm – should I be planning where we might go in France latert this year on the eve of leaving for the big US trip…!?!

    Joyce x

  2. Hello Barbara.. Great photos 🙂 I watched a programme about this area and the cliffs, it was to do with artists and how they can see so many colours.. depending on what time of day.

    Also the cliffs have names well sort of .. The one on its own is known as The Needle . (.l’Aiguille)… and if you do a google search the other is refer to as The Elephant.. or at least the trunk.. where the natural arch is…. But I am sure you knew this anyway 🙂

    Also you might be interested in this …

    take care xoxo

  3. Bonjour Barbara!

    LOVED the virtual walk, my friend!

    What BEAUTIFUL photos (as always)!

    Sending ya a BIG cyber hug your way.

    {{{{{{ Barb }}}}}}

    X ya!

  4. Hello my friends,
    Your good vibes are so appreciated; Thank you !

    Joyce- Hello! So sorry to have been absent with my e mails of late. But,I’am very happy to hear that you are(or soon to be)in the US. Do enjoy and do spend lots of wonderful moments together. You are blessed!
    Do return to Etratat when you can; I just love it there too. But for now- ENJOY!

    Anne- Hi there darling 😉 Isn’t this so beautiful? First thank you for bringing up the names of these two cliffs.I once again have my head elsewhere; in normal circumstances, I would have written a short article.
    Very good, Anne !
    Yes, the Needle- the cliff with the large arch + the seperate pointy rock
    The Elephant- The shorter and squatter arched cliff

    My apologies to everyone for not being very complete this time.
    XX to Anne

    Ronnie- Hey there, Philly dude. How are you? You can see that the Universe is sending me a huge curve ball and I’am batting,batting as hard as I can…What can I say, life will always test us in one way or another.
    I’am glad that you enjoyed the pics. This part of Normandy is about 2-3 hours from Paris. We could take you there if you ever come to France 🙂
    I feel your love and good vibes xxxxxx back, buddy .

    Zhu- Thank you so much, sweetheart. Virtual vs Real life is always the biggest dilemmas of the blogger. And I always say ” you do what you have to do”, even if a blog is temporarily shut down.
    We are visiting FIL daily and following his progress in IC ( Intensive care). Slow going and nothing is sure.
    Bises xxxx

  5. Hi there B,

    It’s nice to see you! OMG, yes; unsettled is the word. When someone in the family is sick, it makes for work and worries.
    I still hope to post a few archive shots for the meanwhile.
    Iam very glad that you enjoyed the pics of Etratat.

    Take care.

  6. Aloha Christine,

    I do love this spot. A natural monument carved by wave pounding and winds have made that skinny arch as it is. And on the other side, the stout arch might just grow up like that too one day 🙂

    Iam happy to know your blog and to learn about your adventures in the land of Morning Calm. Take it easy 🙂

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