Getting by with a little help from my friends

Hello dear friends,

Thanks to all for being there, and for your kindness, after the loss of André,my Father-in-law.My husband & I have been putting a foot in front of the other and taking our baby steps.
Day by day… I told D ” don’t look too hard at the big picture”. Just concentrate on today and now.

But, I must add a word that has played a small role; Destiny.Or chance if you prefer.

Back in January, three blogger women & friends,Leesa,Anne ( both are on my blogroll) & myself, wanted to plan a special weekend in Anne’s hometown of Oxford,UK. We decided that Leesa & I would join Anne in the UK. We hurried to reserve our Eurostar tickets for this coveted weekend.

Except that now, I’am coming with different circumstances and a different feeling.But, this trip comes at a very good time.
I need a short break,the comfort of friends and another environment that does not have any memories attached.

It will also be the chance to ease into photography, and to share images of Oxford, and maybe on my last day, fleeting glimpses of London.

See you all soon xx


4 thoughts on “Getting by with a little help from my friends

  1. Good Morning Barbara!

    ” I told D ” don’t look too hard at the big picture”. Just concentrate on today and now.”

    You’re so right, myfriend. One day at a time.

    Have a WONDERFUL time with the girls! Wish I could be there with ya’s!

    Can’t wait to see your photos and hear all about it.

    {{{{{ Barb Leesa Anne }}}}}

    See ya soon!

  2. You are right to take it one step at the time. I can only imagine the shock and the pain you are going through… Please do take care of yourself.

    Take some time off, enjoy life like you said one step at the time. You are both strong!

  3. Hello 😉

    Anne- 1 day and counting. I’am feeling better and ready for the experience. XXOO

    Ron- Hi there pardner! Iam sure that you would LOVE the fact that one can get over from Paris to London via a train that goes under the English channel. Maybe if you stay long enough in Paris one day(at least 10 days), we could swing it/
    Ronnie would be very welcome with the gals and the one man there, Anne’s hubby.
    Take care & I will share all this later XXOO

    Zhu- Hi. Its so nice to hear from you. Shock has been a close companion these past days & weeks. I seem to be operating like Iam stoned. I have been forgetting things, having to go back & check myself,etc etc. Its OK; that is normal.
    We have each other and when one cries or is bad off the other is there.

    I will be sharing pictures soon and that is good for me.

    Bises à mon Ontarienne favorite 🙂

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