Oxford is a class act

Here I am at Oxford, a charming University town that is located 55 miles outside of London.

My trip through Oxford center city was a short  and rainy experience. I went on a Sunday afternoon, with my very good friends,Anne (local resident) and Leesa( like myself, she is US born and lives in the Paris suburbs ).

My visions of pointing out row boats along the Thames or strolling through a college Mall were throughly washed away by the rain. But, let’s say that we took the alternate tour. I got a taste of city center,including architecture,churches,a garden and even a few shops.

I liked  what I saw, even if the weather did not improve my photos.

Have a seat on the green… Notice the old gravestones.

Fancy windows…

Round all around ( sorry, I didn’t mean you, Sir 🙂  ).

More photos coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Oxford is a class act

  1. Bonjour Anne,

    Un grand Merci 😉
    I liked what I saw and I LOVE college towns to start.Oh yes, the weather was not ideal but we did our best. I really enjoyed staying with you & Arni.

  2. The weather actually add to the pictures and the historical feeling to me. Blue sky looks good but doesn’t offer the same atmosphere!

    I went to Oxford long long time ago and I remember it as a charming place.

    (How are you feeling these days?)

  3. Hi Barbara!

    I agree with Zhu, I think the weather actually added to the pictures!

    They’re stunning, my friend! It reminds me of the house (Manderly) in the movie Rebecca!

    Love the architectural detail, it’s amazing! I can FEEL the atmosphere.

    Thanks for sharing, Barb!


  4. Some lovely shots of Oxford, in spite of the rain (well, you were in England, what did you expect?!). Those colleges are pretty impressive & beg attention from a camera. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Did you manage to find Blackwell’s book shop? It’s ENORMOUS and has many levels, as I recall, some of them below ground. It’s a place to be spoiled for choice of books.

    Joyce x

  5. Hi everyone,

    Zhu- Thanks for adding that grey is not always a failure in photography. I look at it like, we can’t change the weather so do my best.
    I’am very busy and feeling less stunned and confused. Merci de penser à moi xxx

    Ronnie- Hello dude! How are you? I’am glad that you enjoyed these pics. I also love old buildings, so I was having a “field day” here. Though, I have never seen the film Rebecca.But think ” stately manor” 🙂 xo

    Joyce- Hi there 😉 This was my first trip to the UK since London in 1995! I would return and savor more because there were so many beautiful buildings and gardens.
    Yes; what was I expecting? Sunshine in the UK? he he. The news said that it was actually sunny in warm in late April there.
    Big hugs. I hope one day to come up and see you & Barry.

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