It’s nice to be back blogging.It has been hard to do at this time because I’m busy with many things following my father-in-law’s passing away. But, I still have more shots of my Oxford weekend last 1-2 May.

This next Oxford sight that I’m showing you seems a very appropriate symbol at this time of my life.Bridges symbolize crossings or passages.

For those of you who have traveled to Venice already, you see what this is. Those pics below are of what is called “the bridge of sighs”.

I did a quick bit of research of this attractive facsimile, and it turns out that this bridge is really called Hertford bridge( named after it’s college).And it actually bears more of a resemblance to the Rialto bridge than the bridge of sighs.So much for the details.But, I can’t add anything to the debate, as I have never been to Venice!

I’m most definitely crossing a bridge in my life, as my husband and I now take care of  my late father-in-law’s home, and his estate.But fear not,I will keep up with this blog. Blogging and travel are just too important for me to just “quit”. I  have to adjust to the new demands on my life.

See you soon  X


8 thoughts on “*Sigh*

  1. Interesting info Barbara, I never knew that.. I suppose I called it that, as people always refer to it as Bridge of Sighs.. I have not been to Venice either ,so cannot debate.

    Yes you must keep blogging, it is very important, not just for us but for yourself too 🙂

    Take care
    Anne xx

  2. Bonjour Anne,

    I like to say to myself that each time that I go away, I have to learn about the places I visit.
    Interesting finding out about things 🙂
    Don’t worry; even if I won’t be blogging daily, I will pop up. I have ideas and a couple of projects dear to my heart.

    Big hugs to you dear and take care also. xo

  3. Bonjour Barbara!

    OMG, the photos of this bridge makes me wanna jump inside the image and walk over it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the glass window enclosure – how cool is that?

    Glad to hear you’re adjusting to the new demands on your life. I know you’ve been throuh a lot, my friend, and it’s not easy. I totally hear ya, because I’ve had to do the same with my new work schedule.

    Post whenever you can, because your fans will ALWAYS be here!

    (((((((((( Barba ))))))))))


  4. I know this is a difficult time for you, and I know it will get easier. take care of yourself and take it one day at the time…

  5. Ronnie-
    Hello Philly dude 🙂
    Nice to have you here. Isn’t this goegeous?! It doesn’t matter which bridge it resembles, it is just COOL.
    This is one of those times when it would be nice to “crawl into” a picture and into another decor and place.
    XO See you very soon and Thank you for your support.

    B- Hi! I’am glad to be here, and tomorrow is indeed another day. My family is hanging in, getting work done and hanging in there as we can. These are times when you have to squeez together and help each other. It will be OK; I feel it in my heart.

    See you very soon 🙂

    Zhu- Bonjour Chérie,
    My symbolism was not lost on you. I think that our journey is ongoing and yes, the road gets easier with time. I need courage and tenacity .I feel less shocked but I still need time organizing my days. I’am not as efficiant… I’am working on it 🙂

    Grosses bises XX

  6. Hi there — so glad you will continue blogging and travelling 🙂 – you are so good at doing both things!

    Very eloquently stated re the transition you’re on now — I hope it’s going as well as possible as you take those steps into a new/different life without your father-in-law. Cheering you and Didier on …

    Take care and happy travels (literal and metaphorical!). xxoo

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    It is always a pleasure to have you here.
    You are also in a transition period. Well, most of our “age group” is in one form or the other,which is normal. We are also “moving” as we are walking across a bridge from the known towards the unknown.

    We all go towards the unknown everyday, but with such a major change, it is scary.

    Lets hold our heads up and go slowly…


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