A beautiful courtyard

Here we are still in Oxford, UK, on tour with Anne & Leesa.

When I first posted today,I have no idea what the name of this  charming courtyard.But, Thanks to Anne and an useful link in an e mail, let there be light :

We are at Canterbury Quad, at Saint John’s College

Yeah Anne!

Outside of one end of the Quad,was a wonderful garden that merits its own post.A big part of the charm of travel are the places that you “stumble upon” in passing.

You walk through the entrance not once but twice…

Details of fancy stone masks that line the entire courtyard.

I’m just loving the play of light and shadow…

But on the other hand, not loving that we missed the cocktail hour.

See you soon for a look at a gorgeous garden that we strolled through. And a big hug out to Anne X


7 thoughts on “A beautiful courtyard

  1. Bonjour Barbara!

    Isn’t that the truth? The BEST discoveries I’ve made were ones that while touring a place, that simply POPPED out and surprised me.

    Gorgeous building! It reminds me of the City Hall building in Philly!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    Happy Monday to ya!

    ((((( Barb )))))

  2. Salut Zhu,
    I think that it is time that you catch a plane this year and head out to Europe. Immerse yourself in these old buildings. I can understand, being American . So you can imagine when I arrived in France and saw châteaux and old building? I was fascinated and I still am.
    Bisous xx

    Ron- Bonjour Ronnie 🙂

    Believe me, I love my guide books and maps but, I love stumbling upon things. Its one of those “eureka” moments when you go “aaahhhh” or “wooohh”, because of beauty,curiosity ot just looniness.
    i just love these moments 🙂

    Don’t you get me teary eyed; Phila City Hall 🙂 D & I were through there twice, for my Genealogy.
    And isn’t it true; America borrows from the old world styles.
    Big hugs to ya down to Philly XxOo

  3. Great shots, Barbara…

    That little area was the high light of my trip to Oxford- finding that lovely hidden garden… Yes, looks like we were a little too late for cocktails!! Maybe next time!

  4. Hi Leesa,

    Thank you honey. You know how peaceful and lovely the Quad was. I just loved it. And that “hidden” garden is just heaven.
    Too late for cocktails though; the students beat us to it 🙂
    Hugs back xx

  5. G’day Barbara!

    One cannot resist the charm of old architecture and you have captured these buildings just beautifully!

    It was lovely to meet you and Leesa, and to learn of your blog. I will definitely come back for a visit here – both Paris and this blog ;).

    Best wishes,

  6. G’day Mervat,

    Welcome to my blog world.
    I was happy to have met you in Paris with Leesa.
    Thank you so much. I’am just returning to my photography after the passing away of my Father-in-law this past April.
    I love photography and esp when I’am traveling. Although I don’t expect to be traveling much this year( I have months of work to do sorting out belonging & cleaning my in-law’s home), I also share nice photos of my past trips.

    Please come back and favorite me if you liked what you saw.
    Happy travels in Paris too! 🙂

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