My “photo blast” from the past

While I’am currently thinking about what I will publish for the summer months, I will leave you all with the link to the first ever photo blog that I created:

My old friends will recognize it. My newer friends will not and may enjoy seeing these past photos.

The blog is called ” Going West”. It covers our North American trip taken in Sept 2008. We went to see family in Minnesota and,Pennsylvania and we  also did a short stop in Montreal,Canada .

This is one two blogs that I have still left open on blogger. I also have a blog that is about Genealogy or Family History and  a personal blog which I have since closed to the public.

Lets say that “Going West” was a first step before I got brave and just fed a blog about our travels and the photographs we brought back home.

Sorry in advance to old friends who won’t see their pics here (you all know who you are). Since I began photo blogging here at WP, I decided to make it a pure photo blog, and not to add images of family and friends.

Enjoy the pics and see everyone very soon.



6 thoughts on “My “photo blast” from the past

  1. Hello,

    Anne- So nice to hear from you. I do believe this is before we knew each other. Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Some pics were D’s and other’s mine. That is true that the feel is different but I do have favorites too.

    Ronnie- Bonjour Ronaldo,
    Now, you know these and of course you were a part of our second “stage act” of this US tour 🙂
    Friends and family still have other means of sharing ( e mail,snapfish or even FB).But just concentrating places or feeling while in places is quite different.

    Happy Monday, honey. Our Monday is nearly over 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m impressed, too, at your blog-expertise and experience!

    Had a quick look at your first ‘baby’ and it looks wonderful — I look forward to really browsing through it 🙂

    Thanks for the link! Cheers and happy travels.

  3. Zhu- I’am glad that you enjoy this. BTW; I still have MORE of Montreal & Quebec that are still unpublished . yah!! Bises xx

    Carolyn- G’day dear lady! Thank you 🙂 The trip is ongoing 24/7 so hop in anytime.
    I think that WP has a better presentation of pics, because you can choose from different sizes and placements. Then, they all go so nicely with the classy skins.

    Wishing you lots of fun and see you & Clive in Paris in June 🙂

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