Like a fish in water

Date: Sept 2006

D & I crossed paths with these fish were quietly swimming near the piers of Honolulu Harbor, and nearby Aloha Tower :

Not bad for a camera looking down into the surface of the water 🙂

And it did help to “bribe” our subjects. We bought a handful of pellets from a vending machine on the pier that these fish happily gobbled up.

Nearby is Aloha tower.A landmark place of yesteryear because it was where the steamships from afar would dock .A  glamorous age of travel that is now long gone.

Aloha tower and its super views from above ( the observation deck looking down on Honolulu) will be in my next post.

2 thoughts on “Like a fish in water

  1. Salut Zhu,

    Isn’t that just so clear, and for a port area! It must be a good sign if all these fish live underneath, because ports can generate a lot of pollution.

    I don’t dive but just imagine UNDER the water 🙂
    bisous xx

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