Aloha tower

Before the era of chartered flights, sea travel was the common choice to come to Honolulu. And all the ships came into Honolulu Harbor and docked alongside the famous tower marked “ALOHA”.

This tower (which is also a lighthouse) opened on 29 September,1929. Since this date, the tower has been a landmark not only to navigators, but to millions of people who have come through Hawaii.

When I was an Elementary school child in the 70s, cruise ships were still finding their way into the harbor.But  their frequency had already sharply declined. I had a glimpse of the enormity of a cruise ship  on a school field trip to Aloha tower, when our teachers negotiated a quick passage for our class on the deck and lobby.

But by the time I grew up and had enough money to travel, it was too late. I would never know this glamour era of  cruise ships to and from Honolulu.

Here are a few pics of the tower and up on that 10th floor deck :

Looking towards Diamond Head. Below is the Falls of Clyde, an old Scottish vessel.

Towards the piers and their containers…

Downtown Holululu’s financial district…

A barge chugs along docks and industrial areas. I like looking at this side of the harbor because those mountains in the background point the direction to my parent’s side of the island 🙂

The coast guard station and in the background, a flat area. enlarge the image and you will see an airport runaway.Its called the Reef Runway and is located at Honolulu International airport.

What beautiful views from on top. I’m so glad that the tower’s deck is still open since all these years.It is free of charge for all to enjoy the view from the top.

Because Aloha tower would not be the same without that ride up.


9 thoughts on “Aloha tower

  1. Salut Zhu,

    I’am glad that you enjoyed the views 😉 With for no additional cost lots of beautiful Hawaiian sunshine.
    A must see when you wil come one day!!

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    Just catching up after my week off from blogging.

    OMG…these photos are AMAZING! I’ve never seen images this close up of Hawaii before, it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    The tower is breathtaking. And it’s so interesting to see the city of Honolulu because I always imaged Hawaii being only tropical beaches and palm trees. It looks so pristine!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Hope you had a super week!

    X to you and Didier!

  3. Hi Ronnie,

    I’am glad that you appreciated the views. This is a touring classic in Hawaii and you can see why. Just so gorgeous!
    OK, we have to work out some clichés out of your head; throw out the huts; you will be seeing modern towers too and tall hotels. But, the shoreline is Hawaii’s real treasure.

    Take care and big hugs to ya XX

  4. Really interesting tour, Barbara, and I enjoyed seeing the views all around from the tower – almost as good as really being up there!

    Some super shots of the marine life too, in your previous posting.

    Joyce x

  5. Hello there,

    Joyce- It is always a pleasure my dear. It is my why of sharing a bit of beauty with not only friends but the entire world.
    Aloha tower is a classic and it is only normal that I give you all the guided tour. As for our marine friends, that is always a crowd pleaser 🙂


    Hi B,

    Iam glad that you enjoyed this. Iam also very sensitive to the shades of blue in the Pacific. A real jewel 🙂 Come back and enjoy more pictures soon.

  6. What stunning photos and views – and oooooh, that blue sky! Dazzling. The Hawaiian names are so unique and romanti, too – even Diamond Head 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful ‘state of origin’


  7. Hi Carolyn,

    Iam glad if you discovered this for the first time/ rediscovered it. It is a classic, even for some locals. My Elementary school & Middle school took us there at least twice.

    You are always so welcome to discover our views of the 5Oth state. More is coming 🙂

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