Read this cool blog!

Hi gang,

When I’am not working on my photos for publication or at clearing out my late FIL’s home, I do some blog surfing.I found one morning on the WP main page a blog that attracted me A LOT;

It is called Global Table.

It is already on a new category on my sidebar called “Great reads”.

The idea is mind boggling and exciting at the same time. Each week, Sascha takes you on a culinary tour of the world one country at a time. Sharing not only recipes and techniques to try at home, but tidbits on each country’s culture,History and lifestyle.Sascha does this all from the comfort of her Tulsa,Oklahoma home.

I LOVE this!

If you are not currently traveling( like moi :(( ), it will make you imagine and dream.And why not, plan different meals for a change.

If you are traveling, and your favorite travel destination is already featured(sorry; just up to the Bs now), it is a pleasant primer.And if not,DO continue to tune in for more discoveries.

Yes; my bag is packed!!

See you all soon xo


3 thoughts on “Read this cool blog!

  1. Thanks so much for the excellent share, Barbara!

    I just clicked over on the link you left and you’re right….her blog is GREAT! Especially for someone like me, who never cooks – I may learn something!!!

    Hope all is well, my friend!

    X to you and Didier!

  2. I’m surprised that you even have the time to be bothering with the pc. I read words like ESTATE and I’m thinking….Barbara, hang in there! Nice of you to share that link!

  3. Hi friends,

    Ronnie- Hi there Pardner!
    You are so welcome!! Every week, a new country and new food and recipes 🙂
    How are you coming along,amigo? Iam sticking with it, through my ups and downs.
    I will come and visit your blog.

    Ro- Hi there 😉 No problemeo for the link. I NEVER forget to accord me some time every morning or during my break times. It makes me strong and keeps me from going nuts.
    I’am hanging in there. We have been doing a lot here which is normal.

    Aloha to you all my friends!!

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