Presenting: a Princess

After getting off to a “royal” start this morning (reprinting an already published pic; thanks Anne 🙂 ), here I’m with my head on straight…

This lovely princess is ushering in the new Hawaiian theme that I will show you tomorrow and if I feel courageous, before the weekend starts. Hawaii peeps; please let the others guess a bit and don’t whisper them the answer 🙂

Why on earth would there be princesses in long beautiful robes and flower leis galloping on a noble steed???

Find out tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Presenting: a Princess

  1. Oh I feel bad now 😦 didn’t mean for you to take it down.. and now I just looked at your blog and thought I had gone crazy 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Anne,
    No,no don’t feel bad- you did me a favor! It is currently very hot in France and the heat is not always my best ally; I can be my WORST critic … I like a good job done.
    i bet you a next “apéritif” in Paris that you are probably less crazy than Iam at the moment.

    Enjoy the new theme this week and à bientôt!

  3. Ah pleased I did a favour then … 🙂 I know you like a good job done, just thought it was the same man , different picture.. 😉

    I think you might be right Barbara .. with all that is going on with you over there!!

    Your on .. “aperitif” it is … my funds have started already .. my mum gave me a cheque for my birthday to put towards the next trip. 🙂

    I will enjoy your new theme too.


  4. Salut Zhu,

    Iam glad that you & Feng could come to France. I know what it is like travelling, not having enough time to see everything AND everyone so no problem.
    As long as you still have family in France, you will be back 😉

    Bon retour xx

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