Aloha Festival parade(part I)

The following that you will see is a sampling of what is called the Aloha Festivals floral parade. D and I partly planned to come to HI at this time to catch this parade, which my husband had NEVER seen before.

The parade is just one of many events every September which showcase Hawaii’s unique culture and heritage. If you are interested in knowing more:

Enjoy part one of my show:

Mounted police opening starting the festivities.

A traditional conch shell blower( like a town crier)

Never a parade without the Armed forces Color Guard.

A local High school puts on a show with dance…


and flag throwers!

Announcing the arrival of the parade queen( there is also her male counterpart who is curiously enough, just a  “Marshal”. So,honor to our sisters and…

Hail to the Queen!

This is quite serious; there is an official court, and princesses and their ladies representing each island with each island’s colors and official flower. There are 8 major islands, so 8 princesses, with each princess’ escorts and ladies in waiting!

So now you know what the drift is concerning the princess on my previous post 🙂

More coming very soon  xo


9 thoughts on “Aloha Festival parade(part I)

  1. Looks very serious too… are there people out watching, I see a couple , or are they on the same side of the road as you ? Very colourful though, I will enjoy your photos as I have never heard of it or seen it .. xx

  2. Hi Anne,

    You have yet to attend a North American parade. People often come early and plant their chairs alongside the parade route. We came early and sat on the curb.The couple I saw were across from us.
    So, this parade was new for you too; Iam glad to have brought some exotic tastes 🙂

  3. Aloha Barbara 🙂 Fantastic – it all looks so high-spirited and colourful and positive — love the conch shell!

    It’s great your hubby got to see it too – a fun day all around.

    Cheers from Sydney xxoo

  4. Aloha Carolyn,

    Isn’t this gorgeous? Very corful indeed,and no one, locals or tourists miss the slightest bit. Smiles,waves,clapping & all all over.But, very unique to Hawaii,such with the conch blower.
    I just love a parade!!


  5. Hi friends,

    Zhu- Salut! Iam glad that you are enjoying this feature. Iam more than happy to be showing you all more! Yes, Hawaii is very unique and Iam fortunate to have grown up there 🙂
    Bises & happy traveling xx

    B- Hi there,
    Now, isn’t this tempting ?! A parade under the Hawaiian sunshine. It was a blast. I do love a parade and miss this type of event in France.
    Have a great day 🙂

  6. Bonjour Barbara!

    How cool!!!! I so enjoy a good parade!

    The more I see of Hawaii, the more I sense how wonderful the people there are. There’s beautiful sense of inner peace, happiness, and acceptance.

    Just lovely!

    ((( Barb ))))


  7. Hi Ronnie,

    Yes, I love a good parade too! Its all so American to sit on the curbside and applaud or wave as they go by.
    We don’t get these rousing American style parades like these in France 😦 Miss that!

    You will not find a more unique State than Hawaii.Many cultures,many mixes and people learn tolerance from an early age. Which is one of the best lessons to learn early on.
    Because if you lived in Hawaii and learned to peacefully coexist with anyone, you can go whereever you want and do the same.

    Bye for now, sweetie xo

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