(Another) Princess passes by (part II)



and Personality…

Add a beautiful horse and  you have the portrait of a festival princess.

This particular princess represents Kauai. Each princess and her group wear the color and flower of their island. For Kauai it is a very royal shade of purple, and the Mokihana which is not a flower but a berry. It is used in making flower leis(garlands):

Lady banner bearer…

Hail the Princess! You can see the princess wearing strings of the green berries.In fact, the berries are present in all the troop’s leis and floral decorations.

Here are her Ladies in waiting…

Followed by strong bodied male escorts…

Then,the “tail end” of the Kauai delgation. Tail end is the appropriate expression, especially with the scoop that the older youngster is carrying.

Introducing the  Cleanup crew!

The little house on wheels is the “hale” or house for the horse excrements, or “Kukae”. Each mounted troop had its cleanup team and some were a riot. I just may bring out a few more when I get to the “tail end” of this parade 🙂

Have a great day 😉


2 thoughts on “(Another) Princess passes by (part II)

  1. “Elegance,


    and Personality…”

    You said it, Barbara. I can see that in these photos too!

    I’m loving how those green berries are made into garlands. Just the coolest!

    Oooo…and the Princess? GORGEOUS!

    Hail Princess!

    Thank you for sharing this special celebration, my friend.



  2. Aloha Ronnie,

    I know and I feel that you would be picking up all sorts of warm vibes if you were in the islands.Like everywhere in the world, you have your problems and problem people here, but Hawaii people are great.

    Iam so lucky to have grown up here and been taught a lot of these good values.
    Yes, these leis are just magnificent,woven with those green berries. What talent!

    See you soon my friend

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