Aloha festival parade(part IV)

I’m wrapping this parade up here,friends.

This one is dedicated to the people. Even though Hawaii is a place of incredible beauty,it is the people who are the best thing about Hawaii.

They pass on what is called the “Aloha spirit” or a feeling of sharing and openness that is hard to find.

No captions needed here; just enjoy :

And for the “tail end” part, I’m leaving you with my friend:

He wins “Barb’s prize” as the funniest pooper scooper of the parade.Complete with his little wagon,cow bell and a sporty cow outfit.Way to go!

Heres hoping that your summer days are fun and bright 🙂

See you very soon.

5 thoughts on “Aloha festival parade(part IV)

  1. Hello Barb,
    These are great photos that make me want to live on a sunny island somewhere.
    Sorry to hear about your FIL. That is a very difficult time to deal with.
    I won’t lose your blog address now!

  2. Hi Dedene,

    It is great to have you back 🙂 Please feel free to stop by whenever you like!

    I enjoy sharing photos of our travels and you can undertsand the Hawaii ones have a special importance because I grew up there.You can thumb through my past entries also. It is a new blog life and quite different than my last one. But it is just another facette of myself.


  3. I understand why “No captions or words needed ” just look at the fun friendly people 🙂 thank you for sharing your fun island 🙂

    Take care, and look forward to the next travel photos . xx

  4. Bonjour Barbara!

    Yes, I have to agree with Anne…just looking at the people, you can see and feel the Aloha Spirit!

    Love that last shot of the pooper scooper. How CLEVER!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!


    (((( Barb )))))


  5. Hi Anne & Ron,

    Iam late commenting with my ongoing work. Iam glad if you both and everyone else enjoyed this parade pics!
    My pleasure 🙂

    Hawaii is definately a treat for all visitors and for the photographer a real pleasure. How can you go wrong with sun,beaches,beautiful people & scenery?
    Hard to do…

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