Golden moments

I would call this being at the right place at the right time…

Here we are strolling along Philadelphia’s waterfront area which is called Penn’s landing.

It was a moment of calm and pleasure.

We had a full and happy day with one of my cousins, and were now taking our last walk of the day. We were enjoying the last moments of the day’s fading sunlight as it casted its golden tints on Philly and neighboring Camden NJ,across the Delaware river.


Date: September 2008


A tall ship…

All roads lead to Philly; a long “ribbon” of cloud points towards the Benjamin Franklin bridge…


Have a great week and hope to see everyone on your blogs soon.


6 thoughts on “Golden moments

  1. Lovely, Barbara – just the kind of views I like & enjoy – Barry too, who loves to take shots of sunsets. Just recently back from our holiday In Devon, followwed by our visitors from France being here & us doing the honours with a tourist circuit of our part of the UK!

    Joyce x

  2. Bonjour Barbara!

    Gorgeous photos of my favorite area in Philly!

    I know this place OH SO WELL!

    I use to work with a woman who lived in one of those condo towers in Society Hill.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

    ((( Barb )))

  3. Hi everyone!

    Dedene- Nice to see you,mon amie 🙂
    I heartily recommend Philadelphia.I enjoy a lot of little things there,BUT the History and the old neighborhoods are the biggest draws. It is a smaller city than NYC and a very good one for walking.
    On a personal side,my family has some of its roots here(Dad born here; grandma & grandpa too),

    Joyce- Hi there! Iam glad to hear from you. Busy with visitors? Thats wonderful.
    I always say that Iam a “sucker” for a good sunset. I could stay long moments and enjoy the colors and changing light.
    Moments of serenity and peace in a crazy world.

    Ronnie- Hello!!
    You are especially well placed to talk about this, being the only native of Philly to haunt this blog 🙂
    I LOVED the walks here . Next time, we will go together.
    Except for the tall ship, I don’t think you saw the 2 others.

    Its always a pleasure to share our visions on the world xo

  4. The clouds and the light are truly fascinating! Looks so peaceful and quiet…

    I wish we could have met in Paris again, but we only stayed for a couple of days because of limited accommodation during the summer – everything was booked! We stayed longer in the U.K too because it was cheap (the Pound crashed) and we spent a lot of time with my family. But we will be back!

  5. Hi Zhu,

    Iam glad that you enjoyed these pics 🙂 Such “zen” moments are rare in the city and with the lighting & clouds,it was a moment not to miss!

    We will meet again,I know it. Time was short and I think that I have too rarely had the chance to do everything I want on each trip. Its so nice that you could enjoy London. I want to go there in the future too!

    Bises xxx

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